I made my own cel shaders for Thea and I wondered what would happen in Dagon, I’d pretty much given up doing games, I just don’t have the time to render bucket loads of images, but less than 1minute to render a 2048x2048 has its appeal!

so here it is my first attempt at cel shaders in Dagon :smiley:
WTF is the square lol, it kinda fades in as the game starts, I’m on a i7 3770 with a Quadro 600 all drivers up to date, game runs like a charm and the square is only in that scene

cool! Maybe I’ll give the ‘toon’ shader a go in Blender. In fact it now has the Freestyle NPR.
Nige, is that a blank spot? Maybe you have some remnant code causing that.

The worst part of toon shaders is getting the lighting right, its a bit easier with exteriors as you have ambient light anyway, but then again it can wash out everything and look to flat.

Thea does dirt map by material which I can add a colour map into to alter how the colours around the edge appears, a lot better than AO which can be ugly in Thea

Yeah its some code I’ve missed I just plonked it into Ayslum

Render times are amazing, for me I just use direct light and everything else off, there’s hope for me doing a Dagon game lol

I like the look of that image, Nige. Glad that you’re thinking again of creating a game. :slight_smile:

It does occur to me though that trying to get the outline thicknesses at the edges to match across cube-faces might be a bitch, has that worked for you Nige?

mine uses a wireframe procedural which goes by scene scale, however parts like the pipes I had to turn them off because they follow every poly line
I was going to post a quick demo but I’m getting banded coloured lines again ??? I’m trying a new plugin for Sketchup but it doesn’t export TGA, I’m using tex files but I had the same with png’s in the past

I got rid of the black box!

I found a cheat by using ambient occlusion, if you set the distance really low you can get nice silhouette lines

Thank Imari, I think I need to find someone who writes stories, I’ve got a 1930’s flatfoot idea in mind but my feeble brain gets into about 10 minutes of game play lol