Discuss the new forum!


Ahhh, lovely, cozy and well designed forums. Great being here!


Signatures still have the gray text. Is that to distinguish them from posts? Will we get that lovely horizontal bar that separate the signature from the rest of the post?


I second that. It’d be nice to have a simple dotted line just to separate the post and the signature :slight_smile:


OK, I’ll add a dotted line and I might do the same for quote boxes as well. Good idea!

I’ll review the signatures colors too.


Great job on the clean up Agustín - looking really nice now. Apart from those things mentioned in the last few posts, the only other things I can see to fix up are the light blue tabs in the ‘reply’ and ‘control panel’ pages.

EDIT: Scratch that - tabs are fixed. I just hit CTRL + F5 to refresh the cache and the tabs are looking fine.


Nice, very nice!
Dark, very dark…too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Agustin… Love the site so far - and to think that I thought a new Steam forum for Asylum would be the end all…

Thanks for “pulling me out of the dark” at the Steam Scratches forum… You put a lot of work into this site, I can’t imagine what you were thinking when I kept on suggesting that you get a new Steam Asylum forum up as soon as possible (of course when the time is right, having one at Steam as well may be good for business, you could at least use it to nudge Steamers over here)…

Cheers… :sunglasses:

Edit:Love the avatars - I think I could put my feet up here on your site Agustin, if you don’t mind having me…(The emoticons Rock as well)…


Thanks, and knock yourself out! Hope you enjoy the friendliest forums this side of the internet! :smiley:


Very friendly people and some useful information as well…

Maybe here I can take off my thick-skinned asbestos suit that I normally have to wear over at the Steam forums… (brutal sometimes)… :slight_smile: