Discuss the new forum!


EDIT: Please note this post (and others) are made available for “historical purposes” :smiley:

Hope this looks slick enough for you! :smiley:

I still have to fix several things, including many colors (I went too far with the darkness it seems). But overall, I’d like to hear your thoughts about this new style and artwork. Everything was built from the base style and is 100% original Senscape artwork.

It’s the last time EVER that I skin a forum. I swear.


A lighter background would be nice, in my opinion… :slight_smile:


the dark grey text is really hard to see, ie the text just above this message… ever that or I’ve gone blind overnight lol


Question is: lighter background or lighter fonts? :notme:


Really like the new skin, Agustín! Very pleasing on the eye. :nod:

At the moment, I’d say there is a slight issue with the post header (and ‘posted by’) text colour being too dark on the background colour making it a bit hard to read (the lighter post content text on the background looks fine, though).


  • lighten the post header (and ‘posted by’) text colour a bit more or
  • lighten the background more, which may mean you have to darken the content text a bit if it proves not to have enough contrast with the lighter background.

Also just noticed the following (being picky, I know!):

  • ‘Options’ and ‘Upload attachment’ tabs in the reply page have a bit of white left over in their corners that should be the same colour as the background (looks like they’re supposed to have slightly rounded corners).
  • ‘Reply’ button seems to have a rogue pixel or two in the top-left.

Great job on everything else!! :smiley:


Let me know about the post header now, still working on the rest!

Glad you liked it :nod:


Umm I thought those “rogue” pixels were exclusively a Mac problem but it looks like the culprit is Photoshop. Bloody Adobe :x


Yeah, the post headers are much better now. :thumbsup:

The same darker text issue crops up in the text under the ‘Options’ and ‘Upload attachments’ tabs in the reply page - bit hard to read. Might be in other places as well.

Wouldn’t touch the ‘posted by’ colour, though - it’s dark but just the right side of dark.


I still haven’t got to the options and uploads. The same problem persists in the control panel as well but that shouldn’t be too tricky.

The way phpBB is coded (at least the base skin) is really annoying. For instance, the “posted by” color you’re referring to is the same one used in signatures. While it’s moderately easy to add a separate color for that, the CSS files are SO huge that it’s a real pain just to figure out where to include that color :?


The fun of using pre-existing templates. :slight_smile: Not exactly great practice but you could add your changes to the bottom of the CSS file and that way it will overwrite whatever settings came before (bad practice being that you might be setting the same properties more than once). Similarly, you could also add an additional CSS file containing all your changes - just make sure it’s the last CSS file added so that it overrides settings in any CSS that came before it.


Oh no, I’ve been there… overriding is one ticket straight to Hell, at least in my experience. The way CSS works can be a mess and if you just go around disregarding already existing code can make it a nightmare to perform changes in the future. Heck, I accidentally overridden the “postprofile” tag somewhere else and I spent hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t change any of that content :?


I guess like everything there are pros and cons. One area overriding can be beneficial is when doing upgrades (especially with larger complex CMS sites where updates fix security holes and/or critical bugs you can’t avoid). Since the changes have been compartmentalised in their own CSS file they won’t be overwritten/altered by the upgrade and it can be easier to identify areas that might have broken due to your CSS alterations after the upgrade as well. Hey, this is like choosing between what kind of headache you’d like. :slight_smile:


[quote="“Finn”"]Hey, this is like choosing between what kind of headache you’d like. :slight_smile:[/quote] Good point >:(


That’s a nice skin. I’d say the background needs to be lighter, and the quote box darker (it looks to bright on that dark background, I think it needs more harmony).
Anyway, great work you did there :slight_smile:


It’s definitely hard on the eyes right now. Lighter, please.


I like the darker look. The gray post text is hard to see, though. Perhaps white would be a better contrast for posts and black for quoted text, if you’re able to specify each one.


Thanks for the responses, I’ll keep working on the colors today!


It looks perfect to me now, great work.


looking good, maybe the quote box needs a darker background?


Yes, I’ll work on that. There’s still a rogue yellow color (left from the default theme) for secondary quotes as well.