Discuss recent horror movies!


Can’t wait to watch this one actually. I love Shyamalan movies. Yes, even the “bad” ones.


Just had my mind semi-blown by a movie called Sam Was Here/Nemesis. I don’t know how better to describe it than Silent Hill in the desert. The first half hour is very slow, but very unsettling regardless. Our main character Sam basically spends the first half hour wandering around an empty, filthy town, looking for someone to hawk his wares to. And I feel this is what really establishes the tone of the film. Sam himself says it best: the town is broken and you really get a sense of that.

I call it Silent Hill in the desert because even though it’s not an adaptation, it really touches very, very close to the same themes of Silent Hill 2 if you happen to read into the film that way. And that’s one nice thing about it - it’s a film that’s pretty open to interpretation. Personally, I feel the film is too metaphorical to be read literally and I prefer it that way.

There are some nice touches throughout. The only companionship he really has is the radio which seems to get more antagonistic as the film marches on. And while it doesn’t have the best cinematography, it does have some excellent images. I would compare it in that regard to Breaking Bad of all things. And then there’s the score by Christine which works extremely well. The easiest comparison to make is the synth score from Stranger Things, but it definitely isn’t ripping anyone off. You can check it out here https://sheischristine.bandcamp.com/album/sam-was-here-original-soundtrack

It’s not really a film with any easy answers and clearly from the IMDb rating, it’s definitely not for everyone. There’s some subtext in there that’s pretty uncomfortable and the violence feels pretty brutal. I don’t even know if I would call it a great film but it’s one that I’m glad I watched and it definitely gets my recommendation.


I believe this one was on my to-watch list. More thriller than horror, right? I’ll bump it right to the top :slight_smile:

I was pleasantly surprised by Get Out myself, which has been hyped quite a bit:

While it’s certainly an excellent movie, I feel it fell short of greatness. It starts very well with powerful themes of racism expertly weaved into the script, and even manages to surprise with a couple of effective scares. But, once the script fully develops, the third act and conclusion are a letdown, even anticlimactic.

Still a quality film which I highly recommend.


Oh man. Augustin, I was so drunk when I watched that all I could do is marvel like an idiot that Jordan Peele made a watchable movie. I guess why I was skeptical of it being worthwhile is that it has/had 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and I was like, “that’s impossible that many critics are on board with it”, but even I had to admit it was definitely pretty good.


I didn’t know a think about Jordan Peele before this, but I understand he’s a comedian.


I hope this film was not mentioned here yet:
High Tense or Haute Tension is, in my opinion, one of the best horror movies of recent years. This film is just somehow sick, but in the positive sense. This film tells a really great unpredictable story and the movie is very hard in the uncut version. To see this film you should darken the room and turn the sound up and be surprised.
Take a look: http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi1957495065


I managed to watch the vast number of three (3!) horror movies since my last post. They were all fairly good and worth recommending:

First, The Conjuring 2. I actually loved the first one, and this follow up was sheer fun, but a somewhat lesser effort and more generic. The conclusion in particular felt rushed and lackluster, but overall it’s an entertaining, we’ll produced movie with many nods to vintage horror. Wonderful style – I really dig this current throwback to retro ghost movies.

Next is A Cure for Wellness, and I truly enjoyed this one. The first moments were fascinating, technical aspects such as direction and photography are outstanding. The scenery is breathtaking to say the least, and it’s all digitally touched without feeling overproduced or fake. Storyline was great too, with themes that can be found in Scratches and Asylum, obviously right up my alley. There’s an exciting mystery which kind of loses steam at the end (what’s the deal with poor conclusions to fine movies?!). It’s maybe a bit too long for a story that becomes rather cliched, but I still recommend it. Definitely worth watching if only for the gorgeous imagery.

And finally there’s Life, a fine Alien-like thriller. I liked it. It’s… a creature film. In space. That’s all there’s is to it. There’s supposedly a surprising twist at the end which wasn’t so surprising after all. Nice one to kill a rainy afternoon.


Great, just queueueued this up.


I burnt out on vampires ages ago, but what we do in the Shadows is a whole different take and I give it lots of pluses!
Has a home in my short library. The ‘erotic dance’ scene just cracks me up for some reason. Bored vampires whiling away the centuries.


Got to talking with my movie-making brother, trying to get him to watch ‘Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh’.
It’s not a recent movie (2012) but it has a place in my very small library. Uniquely creepy and one scene that is just PERFECTLY done. Gothic/Religious horror meets haunted house meets psycho-thriller. It’s a slow burner and more complexly layered than it first appears. First rate camera work.
Not for everybody I might admit…ok…I’m wrong. You have to like this!


Not really an out and out horror movie but it borrows lots of elements from the horror genre, White God is an excellent 2015 Hungarian revenge movie about a canine uprising in Budapest (all live action, no cg). Definitely worth watching. The dogs are the stars and you might be wiping a tear from your eye by the end.

(Also Jordan Peele (director of Get Out) is apparently signed up with HBO to do an adaptation of the book Lovecraft Country. I think its gonna be a series though rather than a movie, so a bit off topic, but it looks interesting nevertheless, and the book’s got a really cool cover:



Going to see It tonight. Will let you know if it’s a letdown.

Follow up: just saw It and It was pretty decent. Has a pretty strong 80s vibe except there are a few things in there that would never get into an 80s movie.

I really liked the Georgie/Bill stuff in there. That was pretty decent. And all the kid actors were pretty great. Except Finn Wolfhard’s character who was kind of annoying. Though there were some pretty heavy bits, overall it felt like a pretty hard pg-13 rather than the R rating they kept bragging about.

While it did not blow me away, I still gotta say It is definitely worth watching. It is just a good, solid movie overall. It feels like a throwback in that it is definitely a concise story with a solid 3-to-5 act structure.

It has pretty solid pacing and while they could probably slash some stuff, the 2:15 runtime feels necessary. We also got a touch of the cosmic horror King has hinted at for years. I would say it almost has some definite shades of Lovecraft in Pennywise but the ending is antithetical to his ethos. But it’s there. Frankly, it feels like the first Stephen King movie to actually get what everyone loves about Stephen King.

BUT It has set such a high bar that the sequel is guaranteed to disappoint. Oh yeah, I would call that a spoiler but they basically announced It 2 as of last Monday so… Anyway, if you watched the last movie, you know that there is one reason people remember this movie and that was for the kids because the adult stuff tended to suck pretty hard. If they are going to make the sequel work, they have to put out something uncompromising. Now is the time to go absolutely gonzo hard-R. Not A Serbian Film or anything but put these characters through something they will NEVER recover from. It’s either that or it will just suck. And if there was ever a film that has a prime opportunity to suck it’s going to be the sequel to It.

Anyway, It gets my recommendation.


So @aaron_m, I watched It Comes At Night after your recommendation. It’s a fine movie, I mostly liked it and kept me on the edge of my seat until its last few moments. The ending is pretty brutal as you warned, but I felt the storyline was a letdown. They left way too many plot points completely unanswered and I’m still not sure what to make of the whole thing. Recommended – great mood and well-acted, but the plot leaves to be desired :confused:


Just finished watching White Coffin (Ataúd Blanco). A fun thriller with some really good horror elements. It’s an Argentinian tale of child abduction and devil worship mixed with a bucket of Tarantino and Hammer Horror. I have high hopes for Asylum, if this is the standard of Argentinan horror at the moment.


Never heard of that one, but Tarantino + Hammer Horror sounds awesome! I’ll try to watch it soon :slight_smile:


Long time, no talk!

I have been busy with life and a new record coming out hopefully some time before the ice caps melt so I haven’t been watching too much EXCEPT FOR…Brawl In Cell Block 99.

Coming from the director of Bone Tomahawk, you may have set your expectations through the roof. Admittedly it is a very violent film. That said it is also an appreciably terrible movie except for Vince Vaughn who actually manages to show us some acting chops for once in his life. I am honestly shocked to admit it but he actually turned in a powerhouse performance and I legitimately bought into Vince Vaughn as a menacing, imposing figure.

He really manages to turn it to 11 in Brawl. As awful as some of the script and story are - and they are pretty awful, Vaughn really gives us a really well rounded character here. He has a surprising amount of depth. I really bought into his relationship with Jennifer Carpenter. It definitely came across as genuine.

It’s all the more impressive considering what a waste of a film his performance was in service to. Admittedly it isn’t the worst thing I have ever seen, but when the film (spoiler alert) heads to prison, it is both brutal and over the top. The violence is pretty excessive and it is genuinely a film that is hard to take seriously. Which is why it is that much more jarring to watch Vince Vaughn’s performance. Brawl is at its heart a grindhouse film. That said, as much as I love thar style of movie, it takes itself far too seriously with its silly concept of a prison-within-a-prison, where the inmates are tortured for the enjoyment of the psychotic warden and his mooks.

But god damn. I can’t believe I am saying this but I would say this flick is worth a watch if you are at all curious about just how well Vince Vaughn can actually act. I shit you not, in a different, better movie, we would be talking legit Oscar buzz.

Final verdict: 1.5 stars out of 4.


Thanks for that review, Aaron! It’s been a while indeed since we shared our horrific movie experiences.

This is going to be a short one as I’m showing VERY horrific things at GDC, but I truly enjoyed Happy Death Day. It’s a scary time loop but really well acted and entertaining. The protagonist is amazing. Highly recommended!


Oh absolutely. I loved that movie. I can’t believe no one’s made the slasher version of Groundhog Day until now.