Discuss recent horror movies!


I’ve been slowly trying to catch up with some of the most highly regarded horror movies released in recent times, and thought about starting this discussion to share and hear recommendations.

I’m going to kick off the topic with The Witch (spelled “VVitch”) which was excellent. Convincingly acted, top-notch mood, and a sort of Bergman-esque pace and direction gave it a unique feel. Reminded me of The Wicker Man with its slow-burning breed of pastoral horror. Recommended, though keep in mind it has some genuinely disturbing sequences.

What about yours?


I did enjoy that one, and It was interesting to see how the sets were created since the director wanted everything to look like it was from that period. This meant everything had to be made from scratch using only the materials that were on hand during that specific time period. Sorry, but I had to throw that interesting tidbit in there (it’s the little things). However, I honestly enjoyed The Autopsy of Jane Doe which is a newer one. The psychological aspect of that movie was amazing, and it’s definitely worth checking out imo.



Well, now I appreciate The Witch even more after hearing that cool tidbit!

I haven’t heard a thing about The Autopsy of Jane Doe, but Brian Cox is one of those actors I instantly like no matter what he does. I’m going to keep an eye on it :slight_smile:


I’ve not seen either of those, but I very much liked the visuals of Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak and thought it was worth watching just for those. The sets and costumes were lush and vibrant. Even the three primary actors were gorgeous. However, though there were many moments of suspense, the story felt somehow trite and the plot was obvious.


On the subject of new horror movies I’ve just heard that the new Gore Verbinski film A Cure For Wellness is supposed to be absolutely bonkers.


That one’s been heavily promoted here in Argentina. Definitely want to see it. Also heard lots of positive things about Shyamalan’s Split.


I watched “The Canal” last week. Its worth watching in my opinion. Good Scares, dark mood and very nice cinematography. And a cure for Wellness is the hypetrain that I’m currently on. A very good loking film being filmed herer in Germany is rare (aside from the Antichrist)


Ooh, my second favorite topic to talk about after horror games.

The Witch is such a great movie. I enjoyed it immensely and it has everything I like in a horror movie. From characters to environments, cinematography, story, sounds effects, everything was created in taste and in a dark tone. 9/10 for me. Also the father’s voice? Come on, how can a person sound so epic?

I was able to watch Autopsy of Jane Doe recently and I enjoyed it. It was better than I expected at least. Story was interesting and actors were good.

My suggestion is not recent but it’s one of the best horror movies I’ve ever watched. It’s called Noroi: The Curse and it’s a found footage movie. Most people don’t enjoy such movies, but I think Noroi is the best example of this category. It was made in 2005 and it’s a little hard to find nowadays cough youtube cough but if you are interested definitely check it out.


Definitely check it out. It does have some cringey moments in it but on the whole it’s pretty decent genre filmmaking. It may not be the best movie you will see this year but it does a lot with a minimal cast whicn is something I’m always a huge fan of. James McAvoy gets to chew the scenery and pretend he’s like, 7 different people.


After months of trying to track it down, I finally had a chance to watch Beyond The Gates. The premise is pretty goofy - a haunted VCR board game along the lines of Nightmare, but it is much better than it has any right to be. The film is a not-so-gonzo homage to 80s bizarro horror but it’s anchored by pretty strong characters, none of whom I really wanted to see getting shish-kebabed which is a plus in my book. It manages to stay tonally consistent despite having a few hilarious death scenes. It’s just camp enough but the director manages to treat the material with just enough gravitas to make you give a shit. While Barbara Crampton is solid as the board game’s host, I couldn’t help but feel that they should have gone full cheese and tracked down The Gatekeeper himself. That being said, the ending also feels a little anticlimactic. Still, it’s an overall fairly entertaining slice of golden era horror that feels quaint in comparison to the plotless Eli Roths of Hollywood.


With a quote like “from the writers of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 & Spongebob Squarepants” I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to watch They’re Watching. It really was a massive disappointment though. The “horror comedy” is terrifically boring, saving its hand for the last ten mintues which somehow manage to both live up to the hype of balls-out madness while simultaneously being a massive disappointment. I’m not kidding when I say that the special effects in this movie are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. We’re talking Sci-Fi-Channel-Movie-of-the-week levels of terrible. Please don’t take this as tacit approval of this movie. It really doesn’t warrant watching in any way.

Though the first hour and change does well to build up some tension, They’re Watching is a film that really doesn’t understand it’s audience, building up tension wihout offering much in the way of payoff and whatever commentary it may make just ends up feeling pretty limp. While I’ve definitely seen worse, that isn’t really saying much considering all of the garbage I watch.


Wow, Aaron! Beyond the Gates looks amazing. It’s exactly the kind of movie I wanted to see today. And OMG Barbara Crampton! I can’t not like this :smiley:

I’ll put They’re Watching on my watch list as well… err, pun intended.


Oh man. If you think Beyond The Gates is up your alley, TELL ME you’ve seen the Astron 6 movies. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch Manborg. It is absolutely hilarious.


Oops, no. Haven’t seen any of them. Only Father’s Day rings a bell…


Just passing by to say The VVitch is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

Crimson Peak is ok as well, definetly worth watching for the visuals.

Last month I watched Don’t Breath and last night I watched Hush, I recommend them as ok movies for those who like more suspense than horror. Both have “hold your breath” sequences that are well done.

Also, from last year you should watch The Conjuring 2.


Just wanted to mention that I enjoyed Beyond the Gates very much. Like Aaron said, the characters were likable and the plot entertaining enough. It won’t blow your mind, but it’s a terrific diversion, especially if you enjoy the 80’s vibe.


Not seen many horror film outside my ‘guaranteed enjoyment’ period of 60s-90s lately. I distinctly remember The Woman in Black being a bit unspectaular, BUT I took the risk of watching the TWIB2 and found it actually pretty good. There were minimal jumpscares, great 1940s mood and nice creepy sets.

So, ignore the fact that it got utterly panned on the review sites. I’m starting to think if fans of crap like “The Bye Bye Man” downvote a film, then I will find it enjoyable.


I feel the same, you know, the past decade nearly alienated me from the horror genre and I sought solace in the 60s-90s period (although I’m a bit jaded towards the 90s as well). However, these past few years have seen a resurgence in moody, cerebral horror movies that I’m appreciating a lot. Movies like Babadook or It Follows, for instance, as well as the ones we’ve mentioning here :slight_smile:


BTW I can’t recommend enough What We Do In The Shadows. It’s hilarious, more comedy than horror, but totally worth your time. It’s easily on par with the quintessential “mockumentary” Spinal Tap, if not better!


Split was great. A most excellent return to form for Shyamalan and undoubtedly his best movie since Unbreakable. I strongly suggest you avoid reading anything about the movie as the ending was delightfully surprising.

Here’s hoping Mr. Shyamalan doesn’t lose direction again (see what I did there?).