Discord/Slack Suggestion for the Senscape Team


DISCLAIMER: This topic is more a suggestion to the Senscape Developers, than a topic for people to comment on. Although I would like to hear others opinions :slight_smile:

So I was originally going to post this in the “Asylum” catagory, but I chose “Chit Chat”, because it seems to fit this topic a lot more.

Since this forum doesn’t have too much daily activity (obviously that doesn’t represent the amount of people aniticipating the game), I was hoping, it would be possible to open a Discord server.

I don’t know, if you have used it before, so I’ll just explain the differences quickly here.

A Discord server functions more like a Facebook chat box, making it easier for people to just chit chat with each other about topics. You can add channels for certain topics in your server top categorize what people to talk about, and where they do it. This also makes it easy to get news and updates out to people fast (at least it’s easier to navigate for non-backers like me and many others :disappointed_relieved:).

Hopefully you will take this into consideration, since it’s easier to get to know eachother in the community this way.

But what do I know…

Thanks for reading :sunglasses:

We're opening up the Senscape Team on Slack!

I’m not familiar with Discord but I’ll have a look right away. However, I’ve just finished upgrading this forum and don’t feel like investing more time in our website until we’re closer to release. Sorry about that :confused:

That said, low activity is to be expected while we’re still working on the game. There hasn’t been many news to discuss recently, either. However, if our experience with Scratches was any indication, the forum will be bursting with activity once Asylum is out in the wild – be it people asking for hints or requesting technical support :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, what I can do very quickly and right away is set up a Slack team if folks want more immediate chit chat. I don’t know how popular that could be, but we use it on a daily basis and it’s really great. Communities can grow very quickly in it. Of course, it’s also trivial to set up, so I wouldn’t be spending too much time with.

Heck, we could even open up our Senscape team and let you take a peek at our daily development process.


Wow, this all sounds awesome!
Also, thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:

If setting up a slank team doesn’t cause too much trouble, I would love to be a member of it! I especially like the sound of the last bit :grinning:

Again, thank you for responding so fast and interacting with backers and future- customers so much!


Alright, let’s hear to what the rest have to say about this. I’m going to update your topic title so that it reads Discord/Slack :slight_smile:

And, now I remember, I did hear about Discord and understand it’s a sort of “Slack for gamers”. Never quite looked into it, though, so I’ll make sure to give it a try soon.


A discord server would be pretty cool, I’d love to chit-chat with fellow horror-adventure aficionados and discuss adventure-game design!