Did Outlast rip-off Asylum?


Hi there, Agustín

I’ve recently discovered a game named Outlast, which shares 4 strong reseamblances with Asylum’s premise: 1) It is a horror game; 2) It is set on an Asylum; 3) It’s denizens were also subject to shady experiments, and; 4) it’s opening sequence is pratically the same as Asylum’s, with the protagonist arriving by car.

The last reseamblance is the one that made me feel like Outlast took a lot of stuff from Asylum’s concept. Even though I liked the game, I also became quite curious about what your thoughts are regarding Outlast, and if you feel plagiarized. I’d also like to ask how will Asylum be different from Outlast (besides the fact that Asylum is an puzzle/adventure game).


I highly doubt Outlast ripped off Asylum. I haven’t played the game (I probably should), but from what I’ve heard its design and story have little to do with our project. You could say the intro is just a coincidence and that’s where it ends. Asylum will be a LOT different once you go inside Hanwell :nod:


Every BigFish Ravenhearst game starts with the detective arriving by car and being stranded. It’s almost de rigeur for these types of games. And I’ve played Sanitarium from GOG Games (developed by DreamForge). That was the game that so whetted my appetite for this.


hehehe…Outlast 2 is coming…officially announced…the question is which horror game will come out first…
Asylum or Outlast 2 ???:astonished:
Outlast 1 was really creepy ,absolutely scary …the atmoshere , the sound of agony of the protagonist…
We will consider the same for asylum…xD:sunglasses:


@horrorgamesCrazy: Outlast 2 has already been released. But I must say that it is only glorious and boring compared to the predecessor. Both parts live almost exclusively from jumpscares and gore. Scatches is real horror and I hope Asylum will be like Scatches …


I agree. I was stoked about buying and playing Outlast 2, and I really didn’t like the game very much. Nonetheless, the allucinations at the school were super creepy and unsettling. It should had been the primary setting.


@Snake: So true. The graphics at school was also really amazing. But at the end it was (for me) a bad game.