Design document of Serena now available for your reading pleasure!

Here’s a surprise boon for all members of our wonderful new forum: the complete design document of Serena!

It’s rather short but quite interesting to read in retrospective, as you’ll see our initial goals and considerations, as well as certain things that were slightly altered in the final game (notably, the location of the “reveal”). Still, it’s fascinating to see that so much remained faithful to these initial words. Hopefully you’ll find this to be an insightful read (suffice to say, the document is a massive spoiler).

As a bonus, visual references for the items inside the cabin are included. Enjoy!

Serena.pdf (1.3 MB)


This is a wonderful share, Agustin. I read it and and looks like you created your initial design brilliantly in the final product.

Also I like your choice of assets. They come together nicely.

Wonderful, Agustin! Thanks.

It comes at an strange time for me as I just spend the last two weeks reconciling my script with my visuals.

I remember that! Agustín sent this version to Troels Pleimert and I when we were discussing potential concepts for another game on Twitter. I’m not sure if it had made the rounds among any one of the people mentioned as potential collaborators prior to that. Of course, when Simo was brought on board, the script really began to take shape.

There’s also a spreadsheet that Simo made where you can see who wrote which lines. I’ll let him or Agustín share that if they feel like it, though.

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Fascinating read, thanks for sharing that :slight_smile:

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What should I do to translate the game to Brazilian Portuguese?
I don’t know programming language or about game engines. I think if you send me a text file with the character’s lines I could translate it.
I tested it in Linux Mint 17.2, in regular computer not made for games and it works perfectly fine!
I loved it!

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Thank you, Lyzbeth! So glad to hear you liked Serena :slight_smile:

I’m happy to say that we do have a translation to Portuguese almost ready! Thing is, we’re not entirely sure when it will be released. We’re currently very busy with Asylum and our big update for Serena (which will include several translations contributed by fans) is on hold. However, it should definitely come out sometime next year!

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