Deleting Overlay Images

Hello again Dagon friends.

My problem this time around is about deleting images inside overlays. Not disabling them but deleting them.

In detail, I have an overlay which stores a static image and nothing else, but from time to time this image changes even though its name is same. Only its file destination changes and it shows a different image. The problem is if I change overlay image the older image stays in the back and new image appears on top of it. Since these images are transparent you can see all of them at the same time. How can I arrange it so old image gets deleted before I change the image?

I’ve tried disabling the image and reenabling after image is changed but that doesn’t change anything. I hope I’m not missing something obvious again.

On an unrelated note, what happened to our engine update Agustin :sorry:

Hello dear Dagonian civanT!

It’s true, we’re way behind our update. We’re working on one particular aspect that demands our whole attention right now. It could mean a major (and positive!) change, but until we’re done with a series of tests, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to say much :frowning:

As for deleting stuff from overlays, this is unfortunately one of the features that doesn’t allow advanced manipulation. It’s not possible to delete stuff for the time being. Your best course of action would be to use different overlays for this sort of thing – sorry about that!

Thanks Agustin, it’s better to know I can’t do it since I can use workarounds then and don’t lose more time on it.

I think this’s great news about the engine. More attention, more awesome sauce. I smell something about character interactions but I won’t ask :secret:

What we are doing is definitely related to character interactions… but this feature may require some drastic changes :o

Hope we can get this game at this summer, but take ur time to develop it!

I hope not you-might-have-to-rewrite-all-of-your-scripts drastic :o