Dagonity, or Unigon?


Forgive me for saying this but Dagonity is a most cumbersome word combination and my tongue spazs out ???.
If it doesn’t hurt Agustin’s feelings, how about a naming poll? Actually I just made up Unigon on the spot but I have to admit it feels pretty neat to say, especially when I repeat it quickly and the sound of a galloping horse emerges.
Dagon/Unigon, makes a nice pair.


I’m a newbie here, but let me throw in my two cents worth. You’d think that first part of word is more important that second one. Maybe someone’d tell that Dagonity is primarily Dagon and only then Unity. For my ear (accustomed for russian speech) and for my eyes (accustomed for technical English) Dagonity is more similary with Unity than Unigon, for example. But Unigon is more similary with Dagon than Dagonity.
So I think that Unigon sounds smoother and nicely :slight_smile:


“Dagonity” is not even the official name, so you’re free to call it whatever you want :stuck_out_tongue:

I used that abbreviation because the actual name is “Dagon for Unity”, thus “Dagonity” to keep the ordering of words. But “Unigon” is pretty cool, I reckon :nod:


…not to worry the point to death but this is more fun that starting my job this morning :wink:

Considering how it works, it could be phrased ‘Unity for Dagon’, n’est pas?

I’m am sso stuttterrring with anticcippation about playing with, erm, Dagonity. Any idea when we might get a working teaser to play with, maybe under the xmas tree?


We’ll see, this thing is not quite ready to hit the streets. Cleo had issues bringing her scripts to Dagonity (Unigon?) and, although the workflow has been improved, it still has many idiosyncrasies that we need to sort out. First we need to deliver a playable of Asylum to backers, then we’ll release Dagonity with a sample project for testing :slight_smile:


odd, I would think somewhere in between there would be the ‘teaser’, ie short form example of Asylum using whatever the state of the engine is. It would be a marketing action, not one targeting developers. I for one would love to see how the latest version compares to the original teaser. It could even use the same locations.
(I would eagerly play under the hood knowing you are not prepared to respond to my plaintive voice mewling for help.)


Yes, we definitely have plans to update the teaser with all the new bells and whistles :nod:


I think that my problems with Dagon for Unity were mine and not the engine’s. Though I tried several arrangements, I could not quite figure out where the files belonged and which Dagon files I needed to include or discard. Also, it seemed possible that the zip file at that time did not include a few key models and/or scripts. Perhaps that was because they were specific to Asylum.