Dagon-Wiki editing topic

Very helpful info, shadowphile. Thanks. I read through the submissions so far. Good stuff. I especially liked the image and explanations of the how the cube maps are curved to create the illusion of the spherical space.

I added my Thea tut, feel free to amend, correct types etc

My writing is horrible so I did a lot of editing on my own submissions.
Also did some consolidation and rearrangements to clean up topics, Home page, etc.
Please review and flame if needed, I’m wearing asbestos diapers today.

LOL! I will, and thanks for the contributions. They help a LOT. I’ll be pushing new code soon as well :slight_smile:

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Nicely organized, shadowphile.

looks a lot better :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention, yes, I definitely love the organization, shadowphile! I think you did a terrific job, so thanks VERY much :nod:

I’ll probably take care of the audio documentation soon, since I have to comment on many of the new aspects of the engine.

Yay, everybody is saying yay!

Read Wilson’s post about the audio pipe-line, looks good, critical tip IMHO. I org’d a little but frankly can’t really think of how to label it. All titles that come to mind don’t capture the point.
Oh well, it’s the first audio post. Once some more are in we’ll have something to organize with. (I’m thinking two links: “boy’s posts” and “girl’s posts”) :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, Agustin, this seems like a candidate for a sticky…

Good idea! Sticki’ed! :nod:

I’ll dedicate more time to the wiki myself soon… There are TONS of new things I must document, in preparation for potentially dozens of newcomers :smiley:

I didn’t put up my “Getting Started” tut, since it dealt with working from the compiled version of Dagon 5.5. Once the new compiled version of Dagon is up, I’ll revise the tut and add it to the wiki. I’ve also started a How-to for Windows users that deals with getting the uncompiled Dagon files into Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010. I was stimied by being unable to compile, but will pick it up again once we have the new and improved Dagon. My stuff is baby steps, but it may be helpful to people like myself who say, “Visual what?” :o

I’ll be waiting as well for the new version to write a guide on how to compile in linux - I’ve made some attempts, with no result however :confused:

I wise I could just get VS working! well it works but it wont create projects :? I’ve been through every google search and the conclusion is my registry is screwed up :frowning:
IF it was a “must have” (and an external hd to put all my cr*p on) I’d just reformat, its well over due
Bad crack that a MS program can be such a pain to remove completely even with the extra tools they provide
I’ve been playing with AutoIt recently

Argh, sorry Nige. The last time I used VS it was the 2005 version, so I could remember nada when I started up Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010 last weekend. It didn’t help that the “Build” button was hidden in this version either. :-?

there is some nice alternatives so its not all doom n gloom :slight_smile:
the kscomvert tool I did will be replaced soon with a more light weight version using AutoIt, then I’ll hit the books to try and do it with C++, C++ has me looking like >>> :o at the moment

I can not seem to find the wiki.

I would like to contribute and read what is already up. where do i find it?

You don’t seem to be registered on GitHub. When you do so, tell me your username and I’ll give you access!

btw, wiki contributor credits need updating.

True, I haven’t touched the wiki in months. Please, feel free to add your names in the index page. Right now I’m 100% focused on delivering a new build ASAP since we want to release the Asylum teaser next month. So it took a while but you’ll see it’s very polished and (hopefully) stable :nod:

Will the new build be working on the 3 major OS’s ? :slight_smile: