Dagon-Wiki editing topic

The Wiki link: https://github.com/Senscape/Dagon/wiki
Let’s try to make this particular thread the only one for discussion of wiki edits.

I just posted on the wiki, looks like I’m the first after Agustin. I can take that to my grave. :smiley:
I just added a cube-map section for blender. Since I don’t want to speak for everybody, please review (Finn and Agustin especially)

Some comments:
-I don’t care for the formatting I ended up with, not clear how to improve.
-I want to add images. People understand images. But I can’t get my images to appear.
-I’ve tagged questionable statements with a ? Please correct or comment if you know better.
-I’m thinking that cube maps are such a big deal for Dagon that there should be a ‘general cube-map’ section for all modelers, then the subsections for different renderers can stay more focused on the individual apps. I would move maybe half of my text into a general section…

Thank you for adding the first big non-Senscape contribution to the wiki! I’ll update the list of contributors next time :smiley:

About the presentation, it looks fine for now, though the quotation boxes should be used for code, not general text. If you remove the text from the quotes, it should be nicely formatted as a bullet list.

Images should be uploaded separately (see how I included your graph for the in-game editor). Not sure if you guys are able to upload files though (you should). Can you check?

Most of the things you mention are OK but subject to testing (i.e.: I’ve no idea how the engine performs with 4096 textures!). While it’s advised to stick to power-of-two textures, this is no longer so necessary.

Anyway, this is a great start! Thanks again!

Your graphic for the hotspot/cursor projection doesn’t appear.
So far I’ve found that pdfs and pngs won’t show up. The one experiment that worked used a jpg.
Also, I noticed that your pdf source was on github/downloads itself. Do we need upload permissions to store images directly on github? The alternative is to use an external image depot like flicker. (and potentially get broken links later)
I looked at your entries to understand the formatting better. Guess I need to RTFM! (if there is one)

edit: I found the downloads area. Without GIT access I don’t think we can upload pics.
How about we just send a zip of pictures to you and you just upload them occasionally?
We can use the github/senscape/download path as a default in the text, then
as soon as you upload, the wiki images should come up.

Yes, let’s do that! Just send me the files and I upload them (though eventually it would be great if everyone sets up GIT access). The format to add images is like this:

![Cubemap Projection](https://github.com/downloads/Senscape/D … roject.pdf)

And, as you can see, PDFs definitely work! :nod:

I still can’t see the pdf on the wiki!

Ah, it has to be Safari then. I’ll convert the file to JPG.

Got your mail, uploading in a few minutes!

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Done uploading! Here’s your link:

[url=https://github.com/downloads/Senscape/Dagon/CubeFaceMapping.jpg]https://github.com/downloads/Senscape/D ... apping.jpg[/url]

Also, you should be able to see the image in the In-Game Editor page now :nod:

Strange though. The CubeFaceMapping.jpg file indicates it’s uploaded but when I click on either your link or directly within the downloads section I get a big red ‘file was not found’ message.
The graphic for the hotspot/cursor projection is working, nice.

Re-uploaded, seems to work now!

yes, thanks!

Well, after spending ages trying to figure out GitHub, I finally figured out how to add something to the wiki… sort of… yeesh. Anyway, I’ve added a tut on “Using Vue to make cube maps,” following shadowphile’s naming convention, “Using [program name] to make cube maps.”

However, I could not figure out how to put the page under the correct category on the wiki’s home page. Shadowphile’s is not listed there either, one needs to go to “Pages” to see it. Sorry, but GitHub is not exactly intuitive for me.

@shadowphile: only just got a chance to read your Blender entry. Looks great! Some suggestions:

  • Mention that the currently recommended cubeface resolution for Dagon is 2048x2048 (new users might not know what they should enter).
  • Ratio should probably be represented as 1:1 (as opposed to 100:100).
  • Mention how to navigate to particular areas in Blender when they’re referenced (e.g. Properties → Render → Dimensions → Resolution).

@Imari: I was wondering the same thing too - just added a small page as a first test (Producing Good Quality Videos).

By the way, what’s the etiquette on updating other people’s wiki entries?

Should we discuss here first and let the original page creator do agreed updates or dive straight into the wiki to update existing content as we feel is needed? Wouldn’t like to put anybody’s nose out of joint by reworking their content if they weren’t happy about it. That said, if people thought they could improve anything I wrote I wouldn’t have a problem (and if I did, it would be duelling swords at dawn! :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Is there a good link to other wikis who have this sort of thing worked out already?

I’ve seen your additions, this thing is growing quite nicely! I can’t thank you all enough. In a few days I will be inviting many more developers, but don’t worry, you’re still going to be the “preferred” ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think there’s a general netiquette for Wikis. You just update what you want, if possible clarifying the reason for doing so (in the optional comment). I don’t believe anyone would be annoyed, after all it’s the spirit of Wikis :wink:

Adding new pages to the index should be easy enough by editing the Home page, unless you can’t do that (although you should have full permission). I’ll look into it, if not I’ll add them myself.

Just had a ‘Doh!’ moment (had been looking for some sort of auto-generation feature that updated the Home page table of contents). Turns out linking pages is just a simple page edit.

Click Edit Page on the page you wish to put your link on (e.g. the Home page) and scroll down to the required position. Add this bit of code for your newly created page:

(Obviously replacing PAGE NAME with whatever your page is called.)

Yes, exactly :nod:

Thanks, Finn! I added shadowphile’s Blender tut and my Vue tut to the home page.

Yes, I had a learning curve with the Markdown language. Feels like I’m over-spacing everything :slight_smile:
Imari, your post is so much more complete than mine! Guess I’m lazy.

For all: multiple links are encouraged. Don’t just plop something down on the homepage, also browse the other pages and look for ideal locations to also drop a link. Readers then won’t have to hunt so much. I was hoping for a top-down nested approach with a progression from most general info to most detailed or specific, but I’m already thinking that’s a lost cause without a wiki-nanny scurrying along behind everybody. Not me, heh.

Yeah, we kind of need a tut just for editing the wiki :slight_smile:
Here’s a few things I worked out the hard way. (first time editing a wiki for me)

-‘Markdown’ is the default markup language but you can drop down the menu for a large list of others. Since I don’t know any of them I just learned Markdown. Any formatting comments I make refer to that language.

Forget the idea of a nested folders like in Windows. Instead think of a giant list of individual pages. You can access these pages using the Pages tab. Even the Home page is just another page. (it gets no respect :cry: )
Each page can contain links to other pages, as many or none as desired. In coding terms it’s all spaghetti, no implicit order or nesting.

My workflow:
-Create a new page and save it. (dont’ forget to save! if you leave the page or you will lose your edits)
-Find the other pages you want to link to your page, open for editing and add your link then save. That’s it!

-As Finn pointed out, linking is as simple as the page name surrounded by double brackets.
(Finn: The asterisk is not required, just the double-brackets. Asterisk adds a bullet in front.)

-I would encourage in-line/contextual links. You can drop the double-bracketed link anywhere in the text, not just on it’s own line.

-Do NOT edit the name of your page after it’s been linked. I had all kinds of headaches trying to do this. I ended up copying the entire text, deleting the page, then making a new one. There probably is a better way, not sure…

-Use three asterisks on their own line to create a separate line if you want a real break in your paragraph.

-Inserting images:
This is a pain since so many forums do not allow direct embedding, but images are so intuitive and instructive they should be everywhere.
Although the pictures you reference can be anywhere on the web, the most reliable place is right here on GitHub in the Dagon repository. Since wiki editors don’t have upload permissions, I had to send my images to Agustin to upload. For his sake I would like to find a better solution. You can insert real URL links like this:


‘textinfo’ is just comment text that doesn’t show up. Replace the filename with whatever you upload.
I had issues with certain formats so for now I recommend sticking with jpegs.

[quote="“Finn”"]@shadowphile: only just got a chance to read your Blender entry. Looks great! Some suggestions:

  • Mention that the currently recommended cubeface resolution for Dagon is 2048x2048 (new users might not know what they should enter).[/quote]

Default seems to use 100:100 and I didn’t want to confuse anybody, but I don’t think it matters, just the ratio.

I would like to for thoroughness but I wanted to avoid getting into Blender tutorials. If a new game-designer can’t figure basic navigation in their chosen modeler they might want to rethink their ambitions. (unless the setting is an obscure one, then I can see referencing it)
Also, feel free to add the editions yourself :smiley:

I too am skittish about just changing other’s contributions. This page is good to know, but I think its a definite candidate for a sub-topic. Can we move it underneath the Converting and Testing Video page. I’ve seen awful wikis with no order at all, just a huge list of scattered info. And I don’t like my title, think we should change it to just ‘Creating Videos’?

My philosophy is get it in then refine it. No entry or organization is set in stone.

I guess I’ll have to take that Wiki-nanny job myself :stuck_out_tongue:

No seriously, I will make sure that everything is neatly linked and organized. My priority right is now is to deliver to you guys a playable teaser of Asylum with all the promised features and boasting the new C++ codebase. I can already feel the pressure of Gamescom on the horizon… After all, this is supposed to go public :paranoid:

Anyway, great comments and suggestions so far! Let’s stick with Markdown, I’m also using that and it’s a very simple extension that makes formatting large amounts of texts very easy. The Wiki is fairly straightforward and I’m afraid this is how ALL Wikis work (basically a bunch of inter-linked pages).

Also, remember to send me any images you wish to upload!