Dagon Review


Hello there guys.I want to introduce myself first!
I am Alem Sehic.I come from Bosnia.Im 18 and I am freelance game programmer.

Just a year ago iv been searching a horror games and then I found an Asylum.
First time when I played Asylum i felt scaried and good.I really like the atmosphere of game,
photo-realistic graphics,sounds,well-crafted levels :slight_smile:
Then I felt in love with the engine.Then I wanted to mod something on the game,like changing text,sounds.Then I downloaded Dagon source code from GitHub and started to learn high-coding from Dagon engine.I want to thank Agustin for making this beautifuly-crafted engine and sharing source-code for FREE to public :slight_smile: .
-Lighting is amazing
Scripting is very easy,and I recommend it to new programming-beginners
Its optimized for low-end video cards

Im currently making a short-horror game on Dagon.It will took me a lot of time,because Im working alone on my “unknown-yet” project,but Im happy to share this news to you! :slight_smile:

Thats all from me


Hi Alem, It’s nice to have another inmate. Best of luck with your game. :slight_smile:


Thank you Imari.Im happy that Im part of you guys :slight_smile: 8)