Dagon - Newb guide?

Hey guys,

I’m really interested in the Dagon engine. I’ve been looking for the right game engine for making a point and click game and I think Dagon might be the one.

So my question is, is there a newby guide for people like me to follow?
I know very little about programming (did 2 years of Delphi Pascal)
I know nothing about Dagon and it’s workflow

I’m just curious as to if one of your guys could throw up a user guide that is easy to follo, or if one already exists. As things seem a little scattered around on the forums I have no idea where to ask!

My goal is to find out how to import my cubemap/environment texture (from Blender) into Dagon. Set up some locations in a room so I can ‘move’ around and set up some triggers.


Hi Zer0Naught, have you downloaded the Asylum teaser yet? That’s the easiest way to get started. It’s here --> http://www.FaceThehorror.com/teaser

Open up the folder and just click on the Dagon.exe file to try it out, then take a look at the file structure in the folder. You can read the Cfg file and all of the Lua files with a simple text editor or better yet in LuaEdit 2010 (http://luaedit.sourceforge.net/) or Notepad++ (http://notepad-plus-plus.org/). Agustin has heavily commented the files.

I’ve been working on a Getting Started document as well as some assets that people can use to experiment with … I guess I’d best finish them.

Edit: I just posted my incomplete, but hopefully useable, “Getting Started” guide in this post --> http://www.senscape.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=1493

Edit #2: Shadowphile and NigeC have been working in Blenser and shadowphile’s made a rendering tool - http://www.senscape.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1364&p=8418#p8418.

“Triggers” in Dagon are controlled by “spots,” hotspots to which you can attach an audio, video, image, or function. You also use spots to switch to another node or room and to add audio and text “feed” to your player.

I’ve got the teaser, got a hold of it the other day. So is this all I need then?
I’ll have a browse of the files and such, but is doing that sufficient enough for me to be able to make my own game, or do I need to find the right forums, ask the right question and dig around for info?

Edit: Shall have a look into them, thanks.

Until Agustin can jump in…

Anything that you can do in the teaser, you can do in your own game. So, you can run your credits, move from node to node and room to room, create spots with looping videos or that trigger events, have background music, play cut scenes, get items and use the journal to record events, project text and audio feeds, etc. It’s all in the teaser. The teaser in essence is the compiled Dagon engine — with the caveat that the assets belong to the Asylum game and Senscape and are not to be used in your game.

If you need major changes that you can’t do with Lua scripting (and are able to code in C++ :o ), the uncompiled engine files and an xcodeproj file to be used in Visual C++ 2010 Express are available through Senscape.

I believe that several people are working on additional scripts and will be sharing them with others via the wiki. While working on my own game, I’m also working on another (and very unofficial :wink: ) demo of Dagon’s capabilities that will include a menu with a save/load screen and a separate inventory. However, I’m no coder, and the going is slow. :oops: When (and if) I manage to finish it, though, I’ll upload it for others.

This all seems very hard to jump into for someone like myself. I know nothing of modding games, C++ and probably most things haha.

I’d like to get a project together with someone who knows how to use Dagon or something like it and work with them. Scratches was only made by a few people so I’m sure it can be done.

I’ll have a look at the links you sent me and see what I can do.
Is the Dagon engine non-commercial? As in, am I not allowed to make a game on it and sell it? Or even release it for free?

Hi Zer0Naught.
It’s hard to get people started who have little experience yet, since making a full game is a daunting task even for experienced modelers/coders. This most effective way for most people is to start with a full example and then start modifying it as Imari pointed out.
But we are willing to help, and the forum is a good place to start. Just realize that we can’t teach you HOW to program or HOW to model very well on the forum.
Also, Dagon is still evolving a lot. All the basics are now in place, but a lot of issues are being worked on, new features being added, etc. Right now development in Dagon is heavily driven by the Asylum game so requested features will take a back seat unless they are useful to Asylum. (although enough requests and discussion have proven to push Dagon into certain directions not originally planned, I think.)

Also you might be interested in knowing that Senscape has announced they are working on a new website that will allow for the posting of personal projects. Depending on the owner, this will allow you to see how other people are using Dagon, and maybe even look at their source code.

As for the Dagon engine, as open-source you can do what you want with it, depending on the specific license it is released under. Some licenses even allow you to resell the code, although only scammers taking money from the unaware follow that path.
I’m sure Senscape would LOVE for you to release a commercial (or free) game with it, as long as the images, sound, and dialogue/text are not taken from the teaser. But I can’t speak for Agustin, the God of Dagon who Rules.

Thanks shadowphile. Luckily I can model, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Plus I know a little programming, just no C++.

I asked over on the Senscape Facebook and they said ’ Yes, no restrictions of any kind. You don’t owe us anything. Just feel free to use it :slight_smile:’ So that’s pretty cool!

I know I can’t make a game outright, but I’d like to just give it a go. Maybe even just make a single scene with a few triggers. Like picking up a key and leaving the room.

no replies, so here’s a ping… just download the teaser and look at the Dagon/Lua code, no C required. The wiki has attempted to created a reference and examples, and illuminate the process, plus the teaser has lots of comments by Agustin.
Things are kind of quite right now and the state of the engine is working but further development is on hold while Agustin is creating the monster script required for Asylum. (not to mention Kickstarter kick-off.)

Ack! I thought I had replied this one. Sorry.

Like everybody said, we’re still far behind a “proper and friendly” newb guide. For the time being you’ll have to get your hands dirty with Dagon. That said, eventually we’ll come up with an in-depth introduction to the engine :nod:

And the info on the wiki — https://github.com/Senscape/Dagon/wiki