Creating a forumuser


When I registered my user at this forum, I thought… well that is a funny way to ask if we are male or female

“Do you have testicles?”

I was baffled when the system replied I answered the questions wrong, by answering yes to the above question.
So I read the question… again… and again… and at the third try I read… “Tentacles…”

Man… it is early…


Well, that would make this the most sexist forum ever :smiley:

Maybe I will change that question…


It’s discriminatory against Whateleys!


That gave me a laugh :slight_smile:

Only the best forums manage to have tentacles AND testicles in the same post. This means we are doing well :))


But are we really doing well? We are in an asylum, after all. :wink:


I cannot believe that you forbid Cthulhu to join the Senscape forums. :no: