Corrosion: Cold Winter Waiting

Anyone else played this new horror-themed graphical adventure from indie developer Viperante? It looks really good from the screenshots and reviews.


And just because he’s family, I’ll plug the review my brother wrote for it and his subsequent interview with Dan Peach, the developer. So go read. Go! The Warrior Nun commands you. :slight_smile:

The review:

The interview:


Looks promising enough - I will try and give it a go once its demo it’s available :slight_smile:

I read the backstory to the plot and I must say it kept me very riveted. I can’t wait to give this one a try.

Seems as though adventure games maybe making a little bit of a come back now with independent developers getting more exposure with services like Steam. Limbo, in my opinion one of the best side scrollers ever made, probably would have never caught on as well if streaming services weren’t around.

Thanks for posting this; one more game to look forward to. :nod:

I’m currently making my way into Corrosion, an interesting mystery appears to be developing. It requires writing down stuff though, which I prefer not to do. That’s where I use my phone cam to take a screen pic, hah!
Still, trying to navigate that left, right, left, straight puzzle has been very slow going, one mistake and you are toast. If you like doing your taxes, you will love this puzzle!
Just give me a street address dammit! :?

OMG, I give up. I wanted to like this game, the premise is looking good and the graphics and sound are decent.
But I keep going through the walkthrough and it’s clear I will never make it through on my own. :frowning: The puzzles are maddening, convoluted and obtuse. Get that, put it here, oh wait, it won’t fit, look around find an object, go somewhere else, find a paper, back date it from yesterdays newspaper plus the number of days since Shirley took her last shower, put the objects name and calculated date into one of the computers, dig around, remember certain words, go to another computer, search on that, take that result, mix in your coffee, feed to it to a cat, oh wait, there’s no cat, where’s a cat? Forget the cat, it will find me in my dreams, so I have to find a sleeping potion. Oh, I can mix one up using instructions from the computer, but I need a code for that, which is on a piece of paper that won’t appear in a drawer until a do a jig on my head while making the sign of the devil with my left toes, but I won’t know that until I …where the crap am I? Every door looks the same, but if I wait in room #4 until my coffee cools, then a neon sign will turn on. I drip my cold coffee on the sign and get electrocuted, where I have that dream I was going to use the potion for, but surprise, I won’t need it.
I"m sure in the context of story a lot of makes sense but I do not want to work that hard at being a detective. I’ll just read the walkthrough and pretend it’s a good book. :?

LOL you make it sound like the game is a blast actually!

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I’m not sure if that’s the real plot or if you’re putting us on, shadowphile, but your post is hysterical. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s always funny when it’s happening to somebody else… :smiley:
Anybody else play this yet?

[quote="“shadowphile”"]Yeah, it’s always funny when it’s happening to somebody else… :smiley:
Anybody else play this yet?[/quote]

Your post convinced me, I’m getting this game.

Shadowphile barely exaggerated about the puzzles… I also had to resort to reading the walkthrough many times cause some puzzle are indeed freakin’ crazy.
Apart of that, it’s really a great game with a captivating story. Would buy again.

Oh damn! I missed this discussion. :frowning: Sorry for bumping the topic after almost a year but I just wanted to say that I didn’t think it was that difficult to feed the cat with your cold coffee whilst making the sign of the devil with your left toes as you dance a jig and try to avoid being electrocuted by Shirley’s faulty shower. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll try and make the puzzles in my next game even more fiendish. Mwahaha!!! Ok, I won’t really. I’ll try and make them a bit easier. :slight_smile:

Btw - Shadowphile was just joking - there’s no Shirley in the game, and no cold coffee, and no cats, and no…oh, actually, wait, yes there definitely are quite a few computers and codes. Sorry. :stuck_out_tongue: