Convincing my father

Hello, I open this topic because I have an issue with my father.
Well, I actually don’t like saying this, but my age is 13. :-[ With this age I am probably the youngest on this forum, maybe even the youngest Scratches - Asylum fan.
Now, the issue is that I like Asylum so much that I want to be a paypal backer, and get some of the rewards, just because I really like them. However, because of my age, I had to ask this to my father, but he didn’t like it. He said that it could be untrustworthy, and that he just didn’t like the idea of paying and getting the game and the goodies on a date which is not known yet. Mainly because there is no release date yet, and in his opinion no proof that Asylum is trustworthy.
But I like the game and the goodies so much that I just have to persuade/convince him.

Any way to do this?

By the way, please don’t be mean because of my age. It is not my fault that I like this game and genre at such a young age. As, I already said, I do not like giving my age, but it’s necessary to do so.
I’m Dutch, so there could be some English mistakes in this text.

With kind regards,


Now that I think about it, maybe this topic fits more in the ''Off Topic ‘’ section.

Hello Dimitri, welcome!
There’s nothing wrong with your English, it’s perfect!
I’ve met Agustin a few times and know for a fact that he’s very trustworthy. I’m not sure how we can convince your father, but if you need me to write something in Dutch that’s fine (I’m also from the Netherlands).

“Don’t be mean?”. I began consuming horror - and fairly disturbing stuff - at a young age as well, so trust me when I say that we’re all absolutely thrilled to have you here. Age has nothing to do with how much you can enjoy a particular genre :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’m not sure what you can do to convince your father, except pointing him to the Kickstarter campaign and all the regular updates and new content that we’re showing. You can also wait until we announce the release date, if that makes him feel more comfortable. We’re definitely going to allow purchasing goodies for a while longer, so no worries there. Hope this helps!

Thanks for your reactions, I really appreciate them.
I think what I will do is wait for an announcement of the release date. I could try asking again, but my father already said ‘‘no’’, and if he says ‘‘no’’ it really is a no. Though he would be less sceptic if there was a release date, so I will wait for that and ask it again. If he still doesn’t like it, I will just wait and maybe buy some goodies later. Or I could try to really get proof of it being trustworthy, maybe with help of PolloDiablo.

Any male under 20 who isn’t consumed by epic FPS and actually enjoys old-fangled point-&-clicks is OK with me!

As for ‘trustworthy’, how about past success?. Global releases! Infamy! Minecraft tributes! (might be better ‘show-worthy’ places.)

Disclaimer: Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns, but it sure makes ME feel better.