While we collectively hold our breath for Asylum’s release Just a quick heads up for us ancient old farts (and those who are into reliving the glory days of FMV murder mystery)… The musical genius behind many Speccy, C64, NES and SNES titles, Tim Follin has released a new game called Contradiction: Spot the Liar. It’s got a nice spooky, uneasy atmosphere and some slightly knowing, campy performances! Really enjoyed it and loved seeing Cheshire and Lancashire UK stand in for Midsomer Murders!

Take a look:

Tim Follin’s epic tuneage

for Ghouls n Ghosts (c64):

Silver Surfer (NES):

Gauntlet III (Amiga):


Buy it now! :nod:


I’m currently playing this one and enjoying it. I definitely recommend it for FMV fans.