Conarium released


Just wanted it to be known by the forum’s Lovecraft fans that Conarium has been released! The game is inspired by At the Mountains of Madness and the developers are the folks behind the Darkness Within series. Can’t wait to play this :heart_eyes:


Great news. I should check it out!


Compared with first part of Darkness Within (I did not play the second one) game is very, very simple in puzzle way.
But atmosphere, sound and graphics is pretty good. There are a lot of texts, images, sculptures.
I believe that you should try play this game =)


You’re right about the puzzles (they’re also way easier than DW2), but the game is still good! It makes you want to explore and like you said, there are plenty of secrets, trophy items and documents to be found.
I completed it in one sitting (took me around 5 hours), which feels a little short, but I feel like that’s because I wasn’t slowed down by puzzles. Not because there is less content.