Computer Requirements for Sens Games


Hi, I was wondering what Computer requirements will be needed for Asylum and the Worlds game?
How much power, graphics, Vista or Windows7 or ?.. this kind of information.


It’s a bit early to tell but we’re hoping that, if you were able to play Scratches DC, you will be able to play Asylum. Supported systems will be Vista/7, Mac OSX and a few Linux distributions :slight_smile:


Do I take this to mean XP will not be supported? But it’s the best OS Microsoft ever made! It beats Vista out of the water, and 7 isn’t really much of an upgrade aside from DX10 and better security.):

-James CW


Well, it’s a tricky issue… by the time Asylum will be released, XP will be very old and no longer supported by Microsoft and many other companies (chief among them video card vendors). The game will run on XP because that doesn’t mean much more work but we won’t “officially” support the system :frowning:


Technological and performance wise:

Windows XP = World Rally car
Windows 7 = Formula 1 car


But I like my old World Rally:) She don’t run flashy or anything, but she gets the job done. And I still think XP is the most stable of all Windows.
If Asylum will run on XP, I’m fine with that. I doubt I’ll need support due to tthe excellent beta team:)
However, as for it being “very old”…it may be, but TONS of people still use it. I don’t think the fact that Microsoft has turned it’s ugly head away means the indie adventure crowd has to, know what I mean?
I mean, adventures made with prerendered tech hardly need anything more advanced then XP anyway. But, if the game will run on XP, why not officially support it? The game, once again if using prerendered graphics and some shaders, shouldn’t need video cards that push the envelope so much as to leave XP in the dust.
Just my opinion…

-James CW


Two months back, it was still the most used OS according to the Steam hardware survey. I think that most of the Steam users are gamers who like to have the latest soft/hardware configuration, so there are surely much more potential players that still use XP.


I will have to disagree with you on that… Windows 7 is in a whole different league, the memory management is a parsec better than any other version of Windows, making it incredibly stable.

Gaming/gamers are (or have been) moving on to 64 bit, due to all the benefits, of course. So I think the hardcore gamer has pretty modern equipment… The regular adventure players might have machines in a lower end, though… It will be Senscape’s decision about supporting XP or not, but imagine the work attached to it. XP, Vista and Win 7… that’s three generations of OS’es, all with their own set of drivers and thus potential problems. And that’s only on that particular platform, the game will be released on other systems, too.

Prerendered, but with high quality resolution, videos in 720p, jawbreaking lighting and particle effects… Perhaps XP will do, perhaps not. Time will show.


Of course, I’m not arguing the fact that XP remains a much better system than 7 or (gulp) Vista. But no more support from Microsoft sadly meant the beginning of the end and I can guarantee that its userbase will decline rapidly, not to mention that hardware providers won’t release proper drivers. Do you know which was the top reason for support requests for Scratches? Poor drivers.

So my stance here is: OK, we will compile the game for XP and make sure it can run. But if it doesn’t, it’s up to you to sort out the problem. Sorry, this is just how things are these days. It’s the same for Macs: no one will care about releasing games for the PPC architecture, that’s a thing of the past :frowning:


Worst case scenario for you jfcwilson? You’ll have to install Win7 on a virtual machine ( VMware of VirtualBox ) for the sake of playing the game. Maybe iy’ll play just fine on XP however…When all else fails, maybe we’ll come up with something. We’re all very skilled monkeys :smiley:


Some W7 users have to use a virtual XP box to run their software, so I guess that’s fair :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Agustin and everyone :slight_smile:
My XP is gathering cobwebs in the closet.
My Vista HP Laptop (which can play Scratches DC), refuses to turn on. Anyone know how to get the lights on? The on/off button is broken. I got a while to figure out how to get it going :slight_smile:


Try this:
Remove the broken on/off button “cover” using a flathead screwdriver, carefully.
You should see the actual button underneath, probably a small plastic cylinder. Push it and it ought to start. Maybe.

And thanks, Agustin. I suppose I’ll just try it, and if it doesn’t work, a couple hundred less for me, getting 7.):
I certainly hope my game will not have an issue with this, and will work on all versions…I don’t like leaving the poorer crowd behind becouse of old tech.
-James CW


James, to put things a little more into perspective, by the time Asylum is released XP will be a decade old. A decade in terms of technology equals a century! Well… you know what I mean :wink:


Oh, I understand this, I do. I’m just saying I prefer XP above 7, even if it is vintage 2001. I do get what you’re saying, and understand the wisdom of it, I just don’t entirely agree with it, you know? XP is old, it is buggy, and it is being left behind by most developers. But, like I said, many people still use it. Maybe too many people, but to me, it’s about how many people get to play games, if they want to. If they’ve got XP, and not $250 for the newest windows, but $20 for a nice game, they should be able to play it. Note that this is coming from my game development-- “The Factory” is not going to be hugely flashy or hi res, like a certain game very relevent to this site, but people of little means will be able play it.
Now, I will support XP fully if the game I happen to be making at any time has no need for anything flashy…but I’m not afraid of turning over a new leaf if the game’s concept requires it.
All I’m saying, is that if there’s no other reason, unlike Asylum, which DOES have another reason, I see no need, in my own work, to leave XP behind just for the sake of its age.

-James CW


Sure, I definitely agree. If it were for me, I would be using an Amiga for my daily needs :stuck_out_tongue:

But certainly, if your upcoming game does not require all the latest bells and whistles, then there’s no reason not to support XP. I just can imagine a whole world of headaches if we do :notme:

Just to be clear: Asylum will run on XP - that’s easily doable. We just won’t provide official support for that.


Works for me.

I’ve recently moved on to Windows 7, but still is nice to know that the game will do just fine in XP, even without support. I understand that, as developer, you can’t provide it for every system but at least you’ll have the game running and that’s an important thing because, as been said, many people keeps using the old OS, maybe we gamers don’t, but normal people do :stuck_out_tongue:


I need a new desktop computer…big sigh…but tis true.

It looks like to play any upcoming game, I will have to buy a new desk type computer. My XP desktop, gives me anxiety, because it has been upgraded and patched up one too many times, and I’d be afraid to run any good game on it now—which is why it sits collecting cobwebs.
My game playing HP laptop still won’t turn on, and I did take the advice (thank you) to try to get the on/off button off, tried patiently, just ended up scratching it :confused: One day I will take it in for repair, but it cost me last time 1500.00 to repair it—under warrenty thankfully—now it is not under warrrenty any more.

Which leaves me with what I use now-- my look up and email laptop, that only runs CD’s type for Music. Not good for much anything else, but it gets me to the Internet World.

OK…GET to the point…sorry…long intro

I am attempting to purchase a new desktop computer, for Games and writing. The All in One Computers caught my eye. But Idk. Has anyone, or what experiences has anyone had with the All-IN-One Computers for Desktop, especially for playing PC games? They look rather tidy and not-cluttered, but do/can they play PC games real good?

Currently, G’s in computers has just gone nuts…6G’s what would a person do with all of that…but maybe needed now.

Thank you,


It depends…What are the specs of your bedridden laptop, and do you want to exeed those specs? Or, what type of games do you play? Adventures only, or not? If only adventures, you don’t need a very high end system, even for new, modern titles. 6GB RAM is certainly not neccesary. I have a gaming system I’m very happy with(I pretty much only play adventures). It’s an IBM/Levano ThinkCentre M51, and it’s an excellent PC. The ThinkCentre line is really one of the best. An M51 comes with a 3.2 GHz Pentium 4 HT(Hyperthreading) as good as a Core 2 Duo but does cost you more electricity and doesn’t have all the advances features of a Duo). A system like this will set you back maybe $100 or less, plus about another $100 for bumping up the RAM to 2GB and giving it a better video card(I use a Nvidia 8400GS, $30). Another $150 or so for Windows 7(Do NOT get Vista).
If you’ve got a better budget then $350, get a newer ThinkCentre. They really are great.

-James CW


Thank you jfcwilson. My sleeping HP laptop is model # dv9000 pavillion. It has Nvidia Geforce Go 7600, graphics card.
and Intel Centrino Duo processor, with Windows Vista. 1 G of Ram and 512 of harddrive.

I want something that is not going to be out of date in 3 years. For PC games, I only play Adventure Games. I did play an online game like WoW, (but not WoW), with my HP Laptop, but it really pushed it to the edge. That is when I had to have it fixed, when it was under warrenty. After the repair, no more Online games, as I didn’t want to take the chance again, with the laptop. But that was over 2 years ago.
I did enjoy the multi-player online game emensly!! Though I didn’t spend any money to buy anything, (you know how those games are) it was still fun.
So, in the future, Along with Adventure games, I suppose I might play a multi player roleplay online game again.

I looked at the Thinkcentres…probably something with a great graphics card and enough kick…to last for 3 years.

Thank you very much!!


PS I think my HP laptop was left out in the car, in the trunk, parked in the hot sun for a day, and that is why it died. It is the only thing I can think would make it just not even start up.