Completely revised website, and then some!


As you may have seen, we have given the whole Senscape “network” a new look and feel. It’s mostly a revision of the old theme but far more polished and finally integrating the forums. There are obviously a few rough edges still and potential errors. Feel free to let us know if you stumble into any issues, and of course, if you like the update.

Important!! Make sure you force a full reload, or just in case empty the cache of your browser. It took me several reloads to see everything as it’s supposed to be. Frequent users may need to do so as well.


Just wanted to say that I like the new look of the site. I’m visiting this site and forum many times every day and it feels refreshing having some updates to it.
I will tell you if I stumble across something weird but yet I have not seen anything wrong.

Thumbs up! =)


The new look is great =)


Glad you liked it! It should improve over time :slight_smile:


So moving into SMF idea is simply gone I think. Though, new look is awesome :slight_smile:
I should put some avatar for myself, I don’t like the black square hole on the top right corner :confused: It gives me creeps.


Looking good Agustín! The quick reply is a nice feature. The refresh on Chrome took a few CTRL+F5s to kick in properly.



Yeah, SMF was too much. The prospect of reconfiguring and creating a style from scratch was out of the question now.

Plus, I added reCaptcha and so far we’re rid of bots :smiley:

You’re right about the black hole, maybe I should add a default avatar of sorts.


Thanks! Yes, the site may still be troublesome for frequent visitors :x


I like the new design, the background looks great in particular… it’s like… the plastic air bubbles. Evilly addictive.


Looks nice! A good bit more polished.


Or pixels, it looks retro and modern at the same time =)


Or pixels, it looks retro and modern at the same time =)[/quote]

I agree on that too :smiley:


Very nice update. Definitely looks nice and has an easy feel to it. It is in no way cumbersome to move around; some sites get a little over zealous and can become very cluttered. Congratulations on everything Senscape has been able to accomplish so far!!!