Combat in Dagon


Is there any possibility of using the Dagon engine for combat implementation? Also, even if it is possible, would it feel any good? As much as I love adventure games, I would also love to see a proper follow up to Condemned: Criminal Origins in the HP Lovecraft universe.


Well, Dagon wasn’t really designed for this, you know. Also, keep in mind that Condemned is a full 3D game, which Dagon does not support. These are pre-rendered graphics.

At best, you could implement a turn-based combat system akin to old-school RPG’s. That is feasible and should work fairly well :slight_smile:


I’ve thought about experimenting with RPG mechanics in the Dagon engine, but I got the feeling I’d be better off using a different engine alltogether if I ever make an RPG. It’s truly an adventure game engine. Besides, battling and psychological horror don’t mix that well in my opinion. When you kill something scary, the fear dies with it. This is why adventure games like Scratches are infinitely more horrifying then some Clive Barker games for example. I’m just not scared of something if I know I can chop its head(s) off.

Condemned had some brilliantly intense melee battling for sure even if you mostly battled hobos, but they where seperated from the truly scary parts and for good reason. If I remember correctly I felt the most unease when I had to use the non-lethal detective-equipment. Same with the game F.E.A.R. where the horror and the shooting never took place at the same time.

That said, some creepy encounters where the evil only moves when you’re not looking at it could work really really well in the Dagon engine. You wouldn’t expect something else moving or chasing you in a pre-rendered environment.


We do have a fairly… dramatic sequence in Asylum (sorry about the vagueness) that uses the turn-based nature of the engine to a very intense effect. It’s totally doable, though your mileage may vary depending on the requirements of the game.