Button/spot events

Ok. So I may be overly slow/stupid today…but bare with me;

I tried to find anything related to mouse events when interacting with a spot or button…
I can change cursor when hovered, and I can call a function when clicked,…but what if I want to do something already when the mouse button is pressed/down?!

For now I have a spot, that changes the cursor to USE when I hover it, and to DRAGGING when I clicked the mouse. I also call a function that enables (shows) an image when DRAGGING…but now I want to squeeze in another function call when the mouse is pressed/down (i.e. before the function called when the mouse is released…)

Anyone that could guide me somewhat?

Unfortunately, the engine is not supporting this feature yet. It certainly will (in fact, it handles those events internally) but there isn’t a binding to the high level script.

Sorry about that!

Aha, ok. Just started to try moving some stuff from an old idea/project/engine…and just wondered what kind of functionality regarding interaction is in place…
Thanx for the clarification!

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Nice website, Tobias.

Thanx! Quite old stuff though. Not really any time to update…dayjob just to time consuming. But non the less - found Dagon, and will try another attempt at an old idea/project that’s been lurking since ages. Will be small and limited compared to my early visions…but Dagon made me at least want to give it another shot…

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I’m super-happy to hear that, Tobias! :nod:

@Agustín: I´m the happy one! I´ve just played around for a few hours, with the teaser, but I really like everything so far…although me and lua still have to figure out who´s in charge. :wink:

@Imari: Saw that realmsforge.com mention a game-in-progress (Adamantus) that´s been inspired by Myst/Riven. Is that one of your games/projects? Anyhow I can admit that, even though it´s changed a lot throughout, my project started as a wish to be able to create worlds like the Myst-ones. Even though I realized that as a one-man-show they had to be somewhat cut… (read: a lot!) :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s my Dagon game… :slight_smile: My website is old as the hills, honestly. It was back when I was doing Flash stuff.

Ah…I see. I’m actually working as a AS3-coder since a couple of months back…but I guess they didn’t hire me beacause of niva3d that’s AS2…and almost ten years old. Anyway I kind of looked at pano-engines in flash, and even thought of developing my own since none of them really were up to the/my task. But since I found Dagon, I am totally going to focus on concept and gfx. Dagon has 97% of what I want/need…and the rest I will wait for. :wink:

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