Blender addon for rendering node textures


Yeah, the forum software can be a bit paranoid, sorry about that. You should be able to send messages now!

And here’s the link to the convert tool, I believe this was the latest version:


I understand. Nobody likes to be spammed. Thanks so much for the download link. I look forward to trying it out, Paula


Do I also require MyFiles.bat or are the github instructions for using the ksconvert utility obsolete? Thanks


Wow, I haven’t read those instructions in ages… I guess the .bat was to batch convert a large number of files, but you can just convert them one by one.

I definitely don’t have that .bat any longer, sorry :frowning:


Okay thank you. I’ve renamed my six files as image0000n.ext and put them in the folder with the exe file, but when I run it, nothing happens. Flogging a dead horse perhaps? (I’m not a programmer, but a render artist and author. If I’m missing the obvious please let me know.)


Let me get back to you about this real soon, I can’t remember the syntax exactly but you’re supposed to pass the texture as a parameter. It’s been literally years since I coded that converter :open_mouth:


I haven’t used that utility in a long time, but you need three files — ksconvert.exe, SDL.dll, and the convert.bat file. Put them all in the folder with your TGA images that are ready to be converted to a TEX file. Open the bat file in a text editor and change the path at the top, then list all of the nodes that you want to be converted. When you’re done listing the nodes, save the convert.bat file. To convert, just double click on the convert.bat in your directory. You, of course, must have all of the six TGAs per node in the folder.

Here’s a temporary link to the three files -->

I think the above is correct and hope it helps, but as has been said already, conversion to TEX files is seriously obsolete. You don’t need to convert to TEX for Dagon ++. Just render to PNG or JPG format.



Thanks a bunch for uploading that, Imari. I was drastically searching the internet for it, even downloaded the Kinect SDK because it supposedly had a file called ksconvert.exe thinking that was it for some reason. Having textures in a neat package with an exotic extention name is way better then folders with .png images (aka spoilers). I remember watching the quicktime movies on the Myst cd before completing the game, ruined a lot of fun.


Can I assume that Dagon (like Kinesis) compiles the whole game and assets into one or several packages, unlike the old days? I too watched a lot of the videos on some of the older games like Myst.


Just wanted to say thanks @Imari for the files. I finally managed to create .tex files, but using Serena as an example, when I replace a node with my tex file it simply renders black. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but if it is an obsolete method, I suspect I am wasting my time. Some updated tutorials on getting to grips with Dagon, and the correct methods to create scene nodes would be greatly appreciated. As it stands I’m looking elsewhere, as I can’t even get off the ground with the existing documentation. Thanks again for your help everybody :slight_smile:


I never used the Serena model. The Dagon that I used was version 0.6.5, which was earlier than the Serena version. However, maybe the reasons for getting a black node might be the same with both versions.

Most possible reason is a typing error in your LUA file, including misplaced punctuations. This was most often the case when I got a black node. Check your switch especially. Make sure your switch lists the exact name of the room file. Also, if the destination room file is broken, you get a black node on the switch.

Your TEX files should be exactly 12,289kb each. If they are not that size, then try running them through ksconnect again. Sometimes there would just be a glitch in creation. Or, there might be transparency in one or more of your TGA files. If so, remove the alpha and run the node’s TGAs through ksconnect again. Finally, make sure that all six of the TGAs for that node were in the folder.

These seem very basic, but I can’t tell you how many times I did just these things.

I hope this is of help.