Blender addon for rendering node textures


Available now. Get one before they run out!
Unfortunately, I’m having problems getting KSconvert to play nice when called from Python, but it’s in there, hopefully it will be resolved soon.
Get it here

Entire image is not visible, right click and select ‘view image’.


COOLNESS! :smiley:

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Any chance of a new link to be uploaded?
What does this exactly do anyway? (Newby here)


I wrote this. The links still work when I try them out.
To make cube-face images for each location in Dagon, you need to render the same scene from 6 different directions. You can rotate the camera by hand for each render, or you can automate it using several different techniques.
You also need to name your files correctly for Dagon to use the images properly.
Typically you need to render a set of six images for each location (a ‘node’) in your game. Often you end up creating an entire scene in your modeler and just move the camera around for each node. (like within a room where it’s feasible to model the entire room at once and then move the player around by creating a node for each location in the room the player may stand at.)

This plugin automates all of the above tasks. Right click on the image originally posted and view as an image, and you will be able to read the entire page. That is the official documentation, it really doesn’t need any more.

The original link posted will take you to the Dagon wiki, read that for more info.
The wiki has the link to my drop box (use the download link in the upper right corner), or you can cut and paste from the text in the wiki.
If dropbox isn’t working, let me know, it seems to be working from this end. Some have said it works intermittently.
good luck


404 on my end :confused: Damn…

It sounds like a great plugin, just what I’d need. Should I get a hold of KSConverter too? (Not sure what to do there either!)

Edit: 'Senscape doesn’t have any public repositories yet’
I think I may need to be invited in or something, I remember reading about it somewhere.


Yes, you must register on, then let me know your username.

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First of all, to make a game with Dagon you don’t actually need to be part of github, that is for people who want access to the Dagon code itself or contribute to the wiki lore.
I differentiate two different sets of people: coders and scripters. You write scripts that Dagon reads to run your game. You only need the Dagon executable for that.
‘Coders’ on the other hand are people who are interested in the studying or modifying the Dagon code itself. Right now I believe that access to modifying the Dagon code is strictly limited to a few developers. You can off course create your own repository that copies the Dagon code but then you have… unh… I’m not sure. You really have to be a code-geek to go that direction and if you aren’t sure whether you are, then you probably aren’t.
Nevertheless, a scripter who knows how to peruse code can figure out some things from reading the code directly…
Go to and register yourself. You don’t need to create or join a repository. Then ask Agustin on the forum here for access, he will need your github username.

KSConvert is a tool to bundle up images for Dagon nodes. It is a scripting convenience and speeds up loading and playing, although the bundled images are compressed and will lose some quality from the originals.
Out of the box (ie the teaser), your assets need to be bundled. With a few very simple changes to the teaser script you can make Dagon read files directly, in which case you don’t need the bundler. Specific information about how to do this is in the wiki.
In fact, I would suggest (just my opinion) ignoring the bundler for development and only worry about bundling your images when it comes time to release the whole project to somebody else or you need to experience the game exactly as it would play when released.
That would also eliminate an extra required step every time you render a node image, which will be constantly during the main development phase.
My Blender plugin will hopefully auto-bundle when KSconvert is updated. (it is a very old utility)
Dropbox doesn’t seem to working very well here, for some reason. I will investigate a better way to make it publicly available. The problem is finding a nice reliable and unlimited location to upload it!
Here is a new link to the zipped version, see if this works:


Sent you over a PM Agustin.

Shadowfile thanks for all the help =]
I’ve got a working version of your plugin now and it works fine. I tested a render and it did all 6 images. Now I’m having trouble finding a damned KSConverter download link! They all seem to be down.


Agustin has said that he plans to bundle ksconvert into Dagon eventually, but this link for it and its accompanying dll files should still work —


Thanks Imari, I’ve got it now. Just have no idea what to do with it! I’ll go browse the forums and the threads you linked me to, thanks.

Might post up a thread soon, asking if people want to start a small project with me. Only really need one other person I think.


Hi Agustin. I’ve been toying with exposing my addons to the Blender community. Since the addons are targeted specifically at the Dagon community and Dagon is still young and unknown, the interest should be limited.
However, I’ve been stalling because even a small interest could flood your site before you are ready. The Blender community is huge! I want you to finish Asylum! I’ve been playing small inferior games trying to feed me until Asylum comes out. (or the next Boake’s Crown project, heh) I can count the number of instantly-grab-from-the-shelf-game-authors on two thumbs.


Bring 'em on! In terms of traffic, we can handle it :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of giving strong support, you may have a point. Right now Asylum is our primary focus, and I’m sorry to say it puts the Dagon project in a second place… BUT! The engine is out there, these forums are active, and guys are doing a great job at keeping it that way. I think we’re reaching a point in which the community can “function on its own”, and remember that Dagon will go open source very soon, which should mean more activity and users.

My point is: the more people we can bring to the project, at any given time, the better :nod:


Ok, I just submitted it as news on BlenderNation. Let’s see if it goes boom or blegh. :slight_smile: If even a tiny fraction of Blender users are into making this kind of game, I may have just tripled your site activity. Heh. (plus the utility can be used to make generic cube-faces, a facility always in demand for Blender users. There is nothing released for the recent Blender’s, so that alone may generate a lot of pass-thru exposure. Marketing! :yahoo: )


Awesome! Bring it on, we’re ready :smiley:

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Well that’s disappointing. Blender forums used to be very active from people requesting how to render cube-maps and several plugins to accomplish that.
But my addon has generated 250ish reads and not one reply? That’s the python forum, maybe I need to put it where the user base is…


Easy… they will eventually come in spades :smiley:


I just posted something elsewhere on the forum, we’ll see if that creates more visibility.


its funny mate but you only get feedback if theres a problem
I hope its successful, it seemed to work well for me keep up the good work :wink:


Hi shadowphile - I was wondering if you could assist a Blender newbie?

I have blender 2.65 installed and tried to add your addon with the method suggested, but unfortunately doesn’t allow me to enable it. The other render addons will enable and disable in the preferences pane just fine - and yours is there, installed, but it won’t enable. Do you think this is because I’m on a Mac, (OSX 10.8.3) or is there anything else you can suggest I try?

Thanks a lot.


Hi Leonard, nice to see you here!
To my knowledge you are the first to try this plugin in Mac.
Does the checkbox actually not respond, or does the plugin not show up?
Also, I wrote this in 2.62 so I’ll have to check operation in 2.65.