Blender addon for making picture or video spots


Very nice, shadowphile. I don’t use Blender, but I’m sure there will be many people who do and who will find this very useful when working with Dagon.


Oh right, you’re using Thea as external renderer. Shoot. Guess you’ll just have to design all your spots to be in the upper-left corner. :smiley:


hopefully soon it’ll be internal, there is a “in the oven” version that looks promising but none of the testers have been given it to play with, to be honest Blenders own renderer is better for game art

Would some sort of progress indication be possible?

Why not have an option to select and render different cameras for the full cube faces


Progress bar: maybe sometime. It’ll take some digging. For now enable the system console, it shows frames being rendered. I’d like to use the image window like a normal render does but haven’t figure out how yet.

Cube face: That’s a different project. Either the current project will expand to encompass more that just spots to become a general Dagon utility (have to change the name), or it would be a separate addon.
I’d also probably just use one camera and change the direction, lot less messy than 6 different cameras.

edit: see the finished addon topic for the full cube-face image generator


I use the timeline to turn the camera, personally I avoid using 6 cameras otherwise I get cache problems (using Thea)

One of the reasons I love playing code is the "oh I wonder if this will work?!) moments and its quite a buzz when it does, its a total pin if it breaks something else lol


Worth a mention it 99% works on Iinux, the 1% is it creates 2 folders called “ResourcesVideo” and same for Images
Its just Linux and Mac paths look like /Resources/Video/

So tested the theory and fixed it:

I couldn’t download your dropbox version so used the Wiki script, as you thought it gets indent problems, fairly easy to fix, I just used Blenders text to remove the indent

As soon as I get a new pc this Linux laptop is in the bin, but I’m sure Dagon will get loads of Linux users in the future and more than likely Blender users so its well worth supporting a Linux script (3.5 KB)


I couldn’t see a difference Nigec in the script you linked to.
Are you saying the mac and linux versions need ‘/’ instead ‘’ in the paths? Sounds easy to fix, except I’m not sure how to detect what OS I’m using. I’ll keep it on my list of todos. thanks!


I’ve posted an upgrade, V 1.0.1. Dropbox link and wiki text are both updated.
#Version 1.0.1 fixes:
#-- path characters for non-windows (I hope, untested for Linux and Mac…)
#-- bug when camera was not facing in perfect cube direction
#-- frame size is left unadjusted for images, only corrected for video
#-- trimmed and added size to ref image text, adjusted colors


Found a version problem in API for later versions. It’s now verified for vers 2.63 to 2.66.
I fixed it! Download again and give a shot.
(I also found too much shared names with Dagon Make Nodes, fixed that in both scripts as well.)