Best-in-class Lua editor/debugger?


Agustin pointed me to Sublime Text which has become my go-to editor. But it’s kind of brain-dead for IDEs.
Then while browsing info on 3D printing (of all things!) I came across this little guy. When one reviewer said ‘better than Sublime Text’ my ears got all pointy and quivering.
I’m too buried to give it a proper go but I instantly thought of Dagon/Lua developers. Anybody want to have at it?
(my understanding is that ‘have at it’ has dirty connotations in British-English, yes? ;D)


Thanks, shadowphile, I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:


I’m angelic so this means nothing to me :no:
Well in my little cave in northern England its not suspect at all… there’s one American phrase that has me in stitches, I’m sure shows like Family Guy and the Simpsons know this… its so wrong here I can’t say which two words in front of Imari :-[

ps the editor looks great, nice find!