Audio - could use better documentation

I was hoping that somebody would explain the audio in Dagon a little better. I’ve been somewhat limited in the number of things I’ve been able to do with audio code.

As it is, the documentation on the wiki related to audio is missing a lot of detail. It’d be great if there were a tutorial or two covering basic audio scripting.

Actually, there are a lot of gaps in the documentation - large sections of the command reference contain commands which lack important clarifications that are needed to really use them.

Despite this, I’ve been digging into the Serena files and learning a lot just by referring back to the code there, and the Lua books I’m frequently searching through for insights. I have a largely-functional virtual tour running in Dagon at this point, it still has some missing bits and a few scattered audio bugs but I’m sorting through them as best I can.

For an open-source adventure game engine Dagon is really immensely promising, but often I’ve pretty much had to learn by trial and error - wasting hours grasping at straws, figuring out how to make something fairly basic work - because the documentation has so many holes in it right now. Hopefully Agustin will fill in a lot of those missing parts over the next few months so this will be easier for people to figure out in the future.

You’re most correct: the available documentation for Dagon sucks. The wiki is messy too, and I just haven’t got the time to organize it. It will be done eventually, but as you’ll understand it isn’t our priority right now :frowning:

Do keep in mind that you can check out the source code of the Asylum Interactive Teaser, which is fully commented and in a way simpler than Serena.

And thank you for the kind words about the engine, we’re positive it will fulfill all its promises!!