Asylum's sense of isolation


We know that Asylum will feature several characters in the story that we will meet in person. I’ve been wondering for a long time now just how much that will affect the sense of isolation in the game. I am hoping that there will be more than enough moments where we’ll feel totally alone in that building, in the same way we did when we were visiting Blackwood Manor.


Yes, there’s people in the game you can interact with, but the sense of isolation is strong, dare I say just as much as Scratches. There’s so few characters, the Hanwell Institute is so vast, and you don’t even get to talk that much, so you still feel as if you are alone most of the time. More so, characters come and go, so it’s possible you won’t see any during several hours.

On top of that, the highest floor of the asylum (pun intended) is completely abandoned, and once you get to that point… well, it honestly feels like the loneliest place on Earth. Just beg nothing happens up there because escape won’t be easy. Tee-hee.

In that regard, Asylum feels way more oppressive than Scratches, in a sense that, the further you go, the most difficult it is to leave the building. In Blackwood Manor, it was relatively fast to go outside should you be scared to death.


I never got to play Scratches. I tried hunting it down on the internet but cannot find it anywhere now. I feel so cheated. sobs uncontrollably


You never got to play Scratches?! Oh my, we’ll have to do something about that…


Isn’t it on GOG, I believe?


Unfortunately, it’s no longer for sale due to legal issues. Perhaps that will be sorted out sometime in the future…


Gatorau, I know exactly how you feel! Everyone is talking about Scratches! I feel like I’m at a party and I’m the only one that has no idea what everyone is talking about! :laughing: Maybe some day…:wink: