Asylum's replayability factor


How replayable will Asylum be? I know there are many easter eggs planned so I’m assuming this will mean that even after finishing the game completely, one can re enter the Asylum, and continue to explore the place and end up finding and unearthing new things. Scratches had a bit of that to it so i can imagine a place as big as Asylum being pretty interesting in that regard.


Highly repayable, we reckon. People still replay Scratches after all these years and find something new. Not only this will be likely true in the case of Asylum, but the game may offer secrets you will never discover. At least I won’t ever talk about them :smiley:

(OK, perhaps ten years from now, with a playthrough like the one I just did for Scratches)

So, yes, it will have loads of details, hidden clues, references, easter eggs, and a multilayered story you can rediscover after replays. But we’re also planning to add an alternate game mode which basically turns the Hanwell Institute into a humongous “treasure hunt”. I’ll talk more about this eventually!