Asylum Postmortem?


Now, I certainly don’t expect you to do this, Augustin, but I’ve been thinking about it and I would be really interested in watching a breakdown of the production of Asylum. I am definitely not a game developer but I do like GDC talks and I especially like watching the production breakdowns. While my “field of expertise” is in music and marketing, I still find that you can find applicability from a lot of GDC talks to most mediums.


OMG I thought when I read “Post Mortem” in the heaader that Asylum had died. Please don’t do that to me. I’m a fragile little flower. :grinning:


Ha ha ha my bad. I’ve been thinking about asking for a post-mortem for a while.


I too went, “Wha…???” :smiley:


Heh. Asylum is far from dying, just ask people who’ve seen the game actually playable at GDC :smiley:

But yes, a huge postmortem is something I thought about doing. I even have a working title and all: The Epic Asylum Postmortem. A detailed overview of the mind-blowing 10-year development cycle of the game, from inception to (hopefully soon!) completion. It’s going to be a revealing document for sure when it happens.