Asylum lighting effects

How are the lighting effects in the Infirmary and Showers achieved? I can see that the actual blinking lights are just videos, but how is the entire scene made to flicker? I can’t see anything in the scripts that would do this. :slight_smile:

That should be “effects.throbstyle = 0, 1 or 2” and “effects.throb = 0 to 100”. Though I can’t be sure because I couldn’t get them to work myself. You might have a better luck than me.

That is correct, civanT, though I’m not sure why they won’t work. For example, this is the code that enables the blinking in the Infirmary in the Asylum teaser:

effects.throbStyle = 1 effects.throb = 60
Style can be ‘1’ or ‘2’ and throb by itself indicates the intensity. It’s all the same in the engine version for Serena.

Thanks. This is a cool feature. :slight_smile: