Asylum: First Gameplay Video


Looking good, folks, we’re very happy with the progress we made recently. It’s been for sure my most productive December yet :grinning:

The game has all the hallmark features of our beloved Scratches, but bigger and better. You won’t believe the engrossing atmosphere and storyline we’ve prepared for you, a love letter to obscure 80’s films with influences ranging from H. P. Lovecraft to Lucio Fulci — and it’s really happening: following some productive months, we’re approaching beta, which means the coveted release date keeps getting closer.

Hope you like this, and Happy New Year!


Woo, looks amazing, Agustin. I can’t wait. :star_struck:


Visually stunning and very atmospheric soundtrack. Loved it when the bust was picked up and examined - just mind boggling. :heart_eyes:


I’ve also been complaining quite a few times because I did not believe in releasing this game, but I’ve now been taught a better one by this video. For my part I only do “ohhhmmm” and wait patiently until Asylum finally appears :sunglasses:


Looks good, I like the detail of having a body. Is that a special effect or is it always present, in reflections etc?


I disagree that “Dr. Ebersbacher’s taste in art was tacky.” I personally thought that statue was very cool. :slight_smile:

This video sample of gameplay was great. Looks like the overall look and feel of Asylum is right on the money. Like Blackwood Manor, this place definetely looks like the type of place I can spend a lifetime exploring without getting tired of it.


Nice to see it’s finally coming together. Out of my backed KS projects, I’ve waited a long time for this, along with Hero-U and Mage’s Initiation. Happy new year!


I’m very happy you liked the video! It’s all coming together beautifully, and the huge effort invested on this game is finally paying off. Imagine exploring many more locations with this level of detail while experiencing an engrossing mystery. You’ll spend hours getting lost in these corridors :slight_smile:

@bd339, yes, the “body” of the protagonist is fairly present. For instance, the right arm is the actual inventory. There’s other 3D elements you’ll see occasionally, such as pickable items like the statue in the video.


It’s very cool!
Thanks for sharing this


Very cool, good to see this getting closer to release. Loving the soundtrack.