Announcing....the dead adventure

Well, I got too ambitious and I’m dropping the game I’ve been working on for several (um…3…4?) years. Tired of wrestling with monster landscapes!
I didn’t want to waste all my work so I’ve jammed the best of it into an adventure/tour.
Don’t expect much! The scenery is nice but there isn’t much interaction, mostly a tour.
I was prototyping this in Pipmak long before Dagon was born and there’s no point in porting it now.
Tonight I added audio and text to flesh it out. I’ve attempted to add something of a narrative so keep an eye on the upper left. (lower the game resolution with ‘D’ if the text is too small to read)
(Adding sound birthed the vibe I was looking for, increasing my sense of loss at what could have been :frowning: )
Game has sound in stereo with panning effects.

For those who don’t know Pipmak, it’s an adventure engine that doesn’t support embedded videos but otherwise is fairly easy to use and very good panoramic performance.
-Go full-screen.
-‘M’ to toggle type of mouse behavior
-‘D’ and ‘F’ to lower/increase resolution.
-Escape to go to Pipmak menu.

Never fear though, I’ve already started a new game (confined to a much smaller arena). Now that Dagon is in a stable form I’m looking forward to using it more.
The dead adventure has been a huge learning experience and I expect to reuse a number of my assets as well as start off with a much cleaner organization.

Here it is in my Dropbox. (it’s about 150 MB so download may take time)
-Run the ‘Pipmak.exe’ file. It should come right up.
Enjoy! (I hope)

Hi shadoowphile, I’ve downloaded the game and gotten stuck already. Is there an inventory? At the place I was stuck I was looking for a puncturing tool… or something… :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll go back and play it again this evening. I need a break from Adamantus.

I got to the second camp, there’s two ways you can go Imari :wink:

I know you aren’t carrying on with this but I thought the dark area was way to dark, and the tents seemed small compared to the camera view in the other campsite and maybe the steps forward were a bit big, the direction arrow was a bit annoying because it doesn’t show while panning but I guess this is a pipmak thing?

Saying all that its great to see what your;ve been up to :slight_smile:

Cool! Will have a look as soon as I can :nod:

First of, this is not supposed to be a prototype of a real game, just a display of my scenery.
All the cube-faces image in the river trip were done in one hands-off animation render, so that was just an experiment in one-shot rendering of an entire set of nodes. The trip up the river was done all in one animation render. Most of the scenery is half-finished or quicky experiments. I wanted to challenge the status quote and go for a game with large beautiful vista but that really challenged my PC resources since close up and far-away modeling had to share the same render.

Imari: No inventory. Other than a few ‘look’ icons it’s just a tour. My code consists of link-spots, graphics and audio, no logic or scripting.
Also, in the place you are stuck, hit ‘N’, tell me what the number is printed (upper left), although the only ‘stuck’ part I can image is on the water. Hint: you can debark somewhere.
Also, nigec, if you are playing from starting node (daylight camp in desert), there is only one way through. I didn’t want anybody short-circuiting the path!

-Darkness is an aesthetic issue. Also, it’s hard to know what other’s monitors are doing. The best commercial games have a screen calibration to set up the black/white levels so the art is seen same as the developers. The only pace I got stuck in the original Myst was because my screen brightness was too low to see a trapdoor!
These are experimental renders so I wasn’t trying to optimize lighting, but I did want a dead-of-night vibe with high contrast between lights and unlit areas. (chiaroscuro). Also, I had planned on day-lit versions of the camp so details would have been available then. It doesn’t really hamper anything at this point. If you want to do a screen grab and photoshop the light levels I’d love to see your feedback. The south camp scenery is also where you can see evidence of my attempts to simulate desaturation of colors depending on the light levels, which is why there are weird gray-zones in the shadow borders. The eye is much more dynamic so the effect only works in certain circumstances.
-The external camp was layed out more like a cluster so buildings are supposed to be tight. The south-camp tents are supposed to be spread out, (that quonset hut is huge!) I was going to fill it with lots of debris, rocks, machinery, shacks. I did the tent separately and just scattered copies around the perimeter where personnel would have private shelters. In this case the required steps are quite large as I just wanted to test node-linking. With more stuff to see and interact, smaller steps would have been desired. I think the camp perimeter was something like 100 meters diameter, so quite large.
Direction arrow in Pipmak is missing in joystick mode while active. Toggle with ‘M’ to get mouse-lock.

I did backtrack and go back and took a bit more time looking around when I went back up the lake

I found the blackness a bit disorientating, I think it was that panoramic thing were you end up looking higher than intended.
I guess it all boils down to the old “how dark should dark be” and the best way to fake it
I’ve been toying with z depth but I’m not sure if it’ll add post pro ok, its a lot quicker than something like fog

nigec: you mean dark around the south camp? Also was your monitor brightness set low? My LCD screen is known for it’s over-brightness. It’s like mastering an audio CD: you have to test it on everything from a crappy radio to a monster Club setting to cheap headphones.
As far as faking darkness I only know of two techniques, borrowed from movies: desaturation and shadows from local light sources. Not sure how the fog/zdepth is supposed to imply darkness, since its just as relevant in fully lit scenes.

its a new LCD monitor with Asylum the dark areas look great unlike my old monito which I had to fiddle about with to see anything. I did a game once that looked fine for me and about 75% of people complained it was to dark, I definitely recommend lots of tests with other people with dark scenes, its impossible to fix once the game is done
z depth is just an idea, I have no idea if its going to work lol