Announcing "Seclusion: Islesbury"


Yeah, save/load is probably the only important feature I need. I have a makeshift save/load system that is very badly scripted by me in LUA and is not very reliable. I’m not sure if it’d be a good idea to use it for release since it might cause some random problems, but if it comes to it I’m sure it’ll work good enough with some testing and polishing.

How long do you think it would take for you to make a basic save/load system for the engine? I do know you are really busy with Asylum, though.


It would take a while, yes, and I’m not even sure I can commit to a deadline this year :frowning:

That said, if you’re willing to fiddle with C++ code, I could direct you to make the proper changes. Depending on your needs, it’s really easy to implement a “checkpoints” style of savegames. That said, it may be wiser to stick to Lua as you have full control of what you need to save – right now, there’s no straightforward way to dump the Lua state (including variables) from C++.


That’s OK. I think with some fiddling I can make sure my system is working reliably. There is no need to get into more trouble for now :slight_smile:


Great look civanT! Moody and dark, and a detective, oh my.
Looking forward to this, just my kind of game, good luck!


I like the screens and I also like the “secrets” idea for the storyline. Great to see that you’re making progress!


Thank you very much shadowphile and Imari! I’m glad you like it.

Also, here is a small information on the story: The game is named “Seclusion” for a reason, it’s not just a nice sounding word :secret:


Nice! I’m going to be talking about the game on the social networks – here’s to a really big success :slight_smile:


I appreciate your support Agustin. I should find a new way to say “Thank you Agustin”, because I’m using it way too much :stuck_out_tongue: