And our upcoming SECOND mystery project is

A social webgame. You’re going to love this.

This borns so many questions… :o

When will it be available? What’s going to be about? (That’s the 2 out of 222 questions I wanted to ask :nod: )

Like what? A multi-user virtual reality? A RPG? A multiplayer adventure game -is that possible-?

I’m already scared to death!

Let me guess… You will gather a group of seventeen people, stuff them into the old manor, and finally ring round instructions to find some candles. The one, who finds a candle before the end of April first, wins a priceless prize?


Oh my…I completely forgot it was the 1st today :frowning:

Damn you Agustin ! :x

[quote="“andisthejackass”"]Oh my…I completely forgot it was the 1st today :frowning:

Damn you Agustin ! :x[/quote]

oh no :frowning:

:lol: freaking hilarious!

Thank goodness ~ for a moment I thought there was going to be another Farmville/Sorority Life/Mafia Wars/Vampire Wars* game clone out there ala Facebook with a horror theme.

Click, click, click, click, click.
Congratulations! You just gained an inventory item. You will need 100 more of them to do this next adventure. For only $50, you can purchase Adventure Points, which will only give you a temporary high while we clean out your bank account. Let’s face it, playing these games is nothing like playing a real adventure game, or going on an adventure outside of the house with real people.

[size=99px]* Not like I know what any of those are …[/size] :secret:


Now, being safely away from April the first, the dreaded day of mostly unfunny internet …er… crap, I think you could let a few hints on either Beyond Worlds or Kinesis slip.

Apparently Haron Media are web gaming specialists eh?


So looking forward to all the mystery projects!!! The wait is almost over… any moment now… the fun is about to begin… this is going to be great!!! :clapping: