An "Asylum" Idea


Youtube has some pretty interesting ASMR rooms. And it got me wondering if perhaps Senscape would at some point consider making a few of their own based on Asylum. Like for example, use an already existing room from the game, but perhaps add new sound effects, animations, and even music to create something new that you wouldn’t see in the game itself. And have those things slowly reveal themselves over the course of the video.

And who knows, it may even promote further interest in the game.


Interesting, I had no idea about this new ASMR thing. Do you have a particular example I could look at?


Sure. Here are a couple of examples based on Harry Potter.

In particular, that tea room example has several changes throughout the video, if you fast forward through it you’ll see things like the painting appearing and disappearing, the lighting gets darker, it starts to rain, etc. I think games like Asylum would be ideal for a series of rooms like this. I think this could work well for Scratches too. It would be a unique way to re-visit these environments.


So… It’s just a static screen with stuff happening.

We made a whole interactive game with FAR more richer content than this :open_mouth::

But I get the idea. I’ll think about it, and maybe try to come up with something more interesting.

I mean, we could grab any room from Asylum and do simple stuff like this in a couple of hours, but I’d like to make it more appealing :slight_smile:


I played Serena years ago when it was first released. It was an excellent little game. But perhaps I should have specified that I certainly wouldn’t suggest that an ASMR room could ever replace an actual game. Merely that it could serve as an interesting little supplementary bit of content for your Youtube channel. These types of things are gaining in pupularity so you never know what kind of publicity it might generate.


One thing I might suggest is seeing if any forum members want to write some fanfic around the Hanwell Asylum and if any of it is any good, partner up with some of the story readers on YouTube for a promotional month or so. Some of them have really significant fanbases and I really feel like a lot of their fans would dig on Asylum.


Sorry I haven’t been posting much here. Fan fiction is a really nice idea, and getting the best stories read on YouTube could be real fun. I’ll definitely keep this one in mind!

In fact, we just launched our Discord server, which could be a great way to start working on fan fiction:

We could even share tidbits about the story ourselves :wink: