All help is appreciated! Scavenger Hunt Item Within!


Hey folks! I’m only going to post this once and hope that I can get a little help. For the third year in a row I’m competing in An international scavenger hunt for charity and art. This year one of the tasks is to help fundraise for an amazing cause. Please, just give a quick read and if at all possible donate a few bucks.

Thank you so much!


Thanks for sharing, I’ll look into donating later today :slight_smile:


Thank you Agustin! I greatly appreciate any help!


Down to Three hours before our fundraising deadline. We are still 35 short of minimum need and far short of our goal. Any help is greatly appreciated. (Our teammates are not allowed to donate toward our own so we have donated to other team’s pages just so you don’t think we are cheaping out!)


I donated already, here’s hoping you reach the minimum at least!


Thank you very much! We did indeed meet our minimum thankfully. All totaled in two days time as a whole group we raised over 208k for these two families. I’m damn happy with that.

Thank you again, I owe you!


Well, you backed our game in the first place and have been waiting for years, so it was me who was owing you :stuck_out_tongue: