About your Backer Badges


Two things to keep in mind, which I’ll explain in detail on an upcoming update:

  1. You need to register with the exact mail that you used to pledge on Kickstarter.

  2. The database will be updated twice a day, so it may take a few hours until your badge shows up.


If you’re already registered, please send me a PM with your current email and I’ll grant you the badge manually. Yeah, I can be a nice person like that sometimes.


PS: Same applies to PayPal backers. Try using the same email account :slight_smile:


OK, last update: the script will run hourly, so your badge should appear within the hour once you register. If it doesn’t, then you likely have the wrong email or there’s another problem. Just let me know and I’ll look into it!


I use Facebook to log into Kickstarter and my badge showed up immediately using my email address. Just wanted to let you know in case it comes up. :nod:


Awesome! I’ve been running the script manually since we have lots of new registrations. I guess you got lucky :smiley:


Hi Agustin, glad to be a part of your community! :slight_smile:


Hey there! And welcome :slight_smile:


Nice looking forum, Agustin! Thanks for the invite!


Now I just need a nifty avatar.


Thank you for all your help. I’m so happy to have my badge. :slight_smile: Please keep up the good work.