I had about two hours worth of editing about useful tools for adventure making, accidentally clicked the close-tab on my browser and it all just went poof. (yes I’m at work and wasting time, the boss is away!) Double arg. If I had a cutlass I’d be dancing and slashing the air around me like a piss-drunk pirate and beware anybody standing too close. >:(

Apparently there is no auto draft-saving, unless I’m wrong, anybody?
But, I have to do some actual work so maybe later…

As a rule of thumb, I never do important stuff on browsers. They’re all unreliable :o

Stick around BTW, I have important news about Dagon to share this weekend!

Editing: I try to select all and copy to the clipboard as my backup but I often forget.

News: Like velcro on flypaper I am…

Did you get my PM?