A warm welcome to everyone!

It feels great to see the forum being populated with all familiar faces. This is the power of the Internet: it may have been years since many of us spoke to each other, but getting back in touch is instant :thumbsup:

Anyway, I’m expecting great things for the future of this new company, Senscape Interactive, and I’m thrilled to have you around since its very beginnings. Most of you are former members of the Nucleosys forum so it will be great to rebuild that community too – many beta testers of the Unnamable Project are lurking the place as well, but don’t worry, you’ll also catch glimpses of this mysterious adventure until it’s announced :wink:

Just make yourself at home and hope you have fun with this very emotional reunion :cry:

Thanks, and I’ve been glad to know you don’t leave the world of game creation. I can’t want to see how this company will go, and I expect this forum to be as active as the Nucleosys one. The good old days are coming back, I can feel it :clapping: .

Thanks for the invite! I’m probably not as familiar as others who will join the forum, but I hope I can help out somehow anyway! :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for the invitation. Cool looking forum too :sunglasses:

Thanks for the invite, Agustín, and congratulations on the new start up!


General Halloo to all.
Did you know ‘Hello’ only became a common greeting after the invention of the telephone? ‘Halloo’ was a hollering sound people used to use when trying to get somebody’s attention. When the phone came along, people were faced with talking to a piece of plastic and metal and so they starting yelling ‘halloo!?? anybody there?’. That is so funny to me :slight_smile:

I"m looking forward to renewing the energy of the Nucleosys forum days. Frankly, I’ve needed two years to get any momentum just on my tools and processes, and story-writing, so this comes at a good time.

That was the fun trivia of the day, thanks for sharing! :smiley:

And glad to have you around!

Hi, everybody! It is great to see you all! :slight_smile:

Howdy Everyone!

Kap is here. Some of you probably remember me, others probably not so much. I will do my best to help out when I can. See, currently I am deployed to Iraq. No, its not fun and hopefully I will be on my way home in a little under 4 months. Thank goodness for the internet though. I will check in when I can, and I will do my best to help out! Sounds like this is gonna be a really good project, looking forward to participating! <!-- s:yahoo: -->:yahoo:<!-- s:yahoo: -->

Hey there Kap! So glad that you managed to find your way here. You have now access to the developers subforum :wink:

You may remember our friend Kap who compiled a very useful document for SCream when there wasn’t (and still isn’t) any documentation of it. Let’s hope you can stick around and that you have a safe trip back :nod:

Yet more familiar “faces”! :waving: Great to see you here, Ron. Your information was alway a huge help to me on the SCream forums. Glad to see that you’re still working with game making.

Hey there KAP001. :waving: Glad to see you haven’t been lost in the mists of time! Totally agree with Imari - the stuff you uncovered in SCream was extremely helpful.

Hey Ron,

Stay safe over there.

Did you ever get to finish Perception: A Rebecca Moore Investigation?

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

In fact yes. I did complete Perception. Though I never released it to the public. It basically became a much shorter game than I had originally planned, took maybe 5 to 10 hours to finish. It is a nice short game but, alas was not exactly my original vision. Since I am an artist first......well I won't let anything see the light of day until I am happy with it.Perhaps, I will revisit Ms. Moore sometime soon. I will keep you all posted.

Hey all. Some of you know me from JA, but I don’t hang around there much anymore (or any other forum for that matter). The only place I go regularly nowadays is FB. Hopefully I’ll find some time to do some beta testing, but odds don’t seem to good. Well, yeah… :reading:

You mean you have found… A LIFE?! :o

Can’t believe it either…! :o


Watch all of it. Some is in German though :wink:

Glad I found you all here :slight_smile:

Now let’s get rolling :smiley:


Watch all of it. Some is in German though :wink:[/quote]
Hmmm… some pretty random stuff in there (especially if you don’t speak German). Check about 5m40s in. I think I spy something called ‘Worlds of Myst’ on a shelf in the background… apparently it’s a bit boring and annoying, though. :stuck_out_tongue: