A thank you to Senscape

I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on what we could do to let Senscape know that we appreciate all their hard work. I mean I know that the Kickstarter campaign was a success and everything but I feel like we can do more. Anyone have any ideas or am I the only one who thinks this lol.

I do believe that many of us will be showing a great deal of appreciation when the game comes out by buying it. I definitely think Senscape is going about designing this game with the upmost dedication, and are to be admired for their continued hard work, but I’m not sure what else can be done. Besides the fact that I live in the USA, I would bring these guys a few cases of beer and wish them a good finished product.

Oh, how could I miss this! You can’t imagine how we appreciate the sentiment, but yes, you people have done more than enough already. From assisting us with Greenlight, and then the incredible Kickstarter campaign, we couldn’t possible ask for more :slight_smile:

We’re hard at work as usual and we’re going to share news about Asylum soon. I can’t stress this enough – this game is going to blow your mind! :smiley:

Have a happy holidays!!

You got it all wrong. You’re supposed to say “This game is going to blow…your mind!”