A new Scratches theory is born? (SPOILERS)


Now here’s something new, at least the first time I ever see this. Scratches has a very detailed page in TV Tropes, and fun and informative site:

The bit that made me real curious is this one here:

The End… Or Is It?: The first game: The monster (Robin) is still alive and in the mansion. And Michael left the door open when he ran away…
Last Visit: Blackwood manor has been demolished, Robin is implied to be in a mental institution, but the cursed mask is still out there.

Did anyone ever assumed Robin is now locked in a mental institution? Because The Last Visit surely does not imply that, if anything it shows that Robin is still is running amok.

I’d be interested to hear if anyone else ever reached this conclusion :slight_smile:


I would have assumed that this guy, I think he was a police men, who was somehow involved into that (this phone call was an optional, right?) would try to sort out that issue in Blackwood manor somehow. But The Last Visit proved that he didn’t care.


He was already too when Michael spoke with him, anyway, and likely dead by the time the events in TLV took place.


Can’t say I recall anything that would indicate as much, indeed was expecting him to jump our of every corner during my Last Visit… oh boy, now you’ve done it, feels like I’m gonna have to pay another memory-refreshing visit to the Mansion again…