A Great Let's Play of Scratches


Spoilers!!! In this Let’s Play!!!

I’ve posted a link of a really entertaining Let’s Play of Scratches. The player/narrator is very witty, did some great editing, and also really enjoyed the game. Give it a look see if you get the chance.

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With absolutely no offense intended, ‘witty’ is the last thing I would like to see going with my horror game…


You may also like this Let’s Play:

I think the guy is awesome. He plays in a really nice and slow way, and his narration makes the game even a lot scarier.


DMC, I had already played Scratches a few times before I had seen this Let’s Play so being that I already knew where the scares were it was much easier for me to enjoy watching someone else’s first experience; as it is a blind Let’s Play. The player did jump at times and did feel the same anxiety we all felt the first time so that was really cool. What I meant by witty is really what he did to cut down the time between trying to figure out how to solve some of the harder puzzles. Especially for what he did when he was looking for the correct door to put with the many keys he collected.

Thanks for replying to my post!!! :slight_smile:


I’ve always enjoyed Mangaminx/TheRPGMinx’s Let’s Plays. I started to watch her Scratches LP, which is when I decided to back Asylum. Since I wanted to play Scratches myself, though, I never finished watching her Let’s Play.


I don’t watch many game playthroughs, but the ones I enjoy the most are those with no extraneous talking, except perhaps for an introduction. In a game like Scratches, the atmosphere is set by the music and the narrator’s voice and the players voice is very intrusive to me.