A conversation with Lenny (in Unreal Engine 4)


What is happening in the asylum? Well, other than your regular share of horrendous shrieks echoing in dark corridors and unspeakable things performed on the bodies of poor innocent patients, we’re putting the finishing touches to our dialogue system.

From the first moment, we wanted to turn Asylum into a breathtaking experience with gorgeous (as in beautifully decaying) environments and believable characters. We’ve been focusing on the latter aspect for the past few weeks, and today we have something to show you. While still a work in progress, it’s a huge step forward from our initial efforts, in part thanks to the move to Unreal Engine 4. It’s also worth mentioning the quite serviceable lip sync that @Chrome managed to put together with blueprints and the built-in audio analyzer in just one day.

We’re aware of certain repetitive gestures by our good ol’ pal Lenny here, but that’s being ironed out as we speak. Expect more details about our dialogue system, which can be used on any kind of adventure game and will be available as a free plugin for UE4.


By the way, the dialogue system is one of the last pending things we must do to (finally!) have a vertical slice of Asylum :smiley:


You’ll have to pardon my ignorance here but, what does “vertical slice” mean exactly?


You don’t get the whole cake, but you do get something from every layer (as opposed to a horizontal slice which is where you take all the chocolate and leave everyone else with victoria sponge - only recommended when nobody’s looking :slight_smile: )

Really liking the Lenny video !


Great explanation :smiley:

Another way to put it is simply that we’re going to have a playable chunk of the game including all features and components needed for the final, complete version: inventory system, interaction with characters, book reading system, etc.


Ah, okay. Thank you both for that. And this playable chunk, I’m assuming is something that backers are going to get to play?


Yup, that’s right! Eventually it will become a preview version of the game as well.