A compendium of the best and most exciting Asylum updates


I’m not sure what’s going on but recently I received several complains about the lack of updates. This comes both from fans and Kickstarter/PayPal backers who should’ve been receiving updates straight to their inboxes! Admittedly, the forum itself doesn’t see a lot of activity, and maybe I’m (incorrectly) assuming that most of our followers are checking our Facebook and Twitter accounts in addition to this community.

To be clear, we know that Asylum is awfully delayed, but we’ve been updating the game extensively over the past months. Thus, I decided to create this topic with the top highlights and stuff you may have missed. Here it goes! :smiley:

Full intro of the game released. This was extremely well received!

TENSION. One of our very best sequences in the game :fearful:

Video of tests on HDTV with gamepad. Breathtaking visuals!

[Full 360° panoramic view of the foyer in the Asylum] (https://www.facebook.com/Senscape/photos/a.107805549261552.4360.103011693074271/1188826597826103/?type=3&theater) from Facebook. Mind-blowing!

And more links to several lengthy Kickstarter updates!

[details=Summary]Reading material in the asylum.

A visual progression of the game over the years.

Several new in-game screenshots from spooky locations.[/details]